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Demi Lo­vato and Ailbhe Malone dif­fer on mer­maids

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TRACK OF THE WEEK Your Love by Ni­cole Scherzinger Here’s a the­ory. There must be a sym­bi­otic re­la­tion­ship be­tween Ni­cole Scherzinger’s glo­ri­ous mane, and the songs that she makes – as ev­ery track of hers makes you want to whirl your hair around like you’re in a L’Oreal ad. Or, it could just be that she’s great at pick­ing out bangers. Your Love has the “doo doo doo” cho­rus of a pop sum­mer hit, and enough four to the floor to keep dancers happy. Good old Scherzy.

IIn will-they-won’t-they-they-prob­a­bly-won’t news, Rachel S Club 7 has been mulling on a re­union. She told Lor­raine Kelly: “We keep in touch. I haven’t seen them for a while but we’re al­ways tex­ting and tweet­ing and keep­ing in touch. It’s al­ways bub­bling in the back­ground talk­ing about us get­ting back to­gether.” How­ever, lo­gis­tics are keep­ing the S Club 7 apart. “Ob­vi­ously, it hasn’t hap­pened yet be­cause I think get­ting seven diaries to­gether is re­ally dif­fi­cult. Ev­ery­one’s off do­ing their own thing, but it would be fun. I think if it was go­ing to be, it would have to be all of us!”

Mean­while, Florence Welch is gear­ing up, cryp­ti­cally, for al­bum num­ber three. She told Cap­i­tal FM: “I am ac­tu­ally re­ally ex­cited. I sort of for­got how much of yourself you have to give to a record and how the be­gin­ning process of it is so hard. So when you’ve come through that process a bit and you can kind of see a clearer pic­ture, you’re like, ‘Oh now I get it’. It’s com­ing through to that other side now and it feels good.”

Fi­nally, Demi Lo­vato is speak­ing out for all mermaid be­liev­ers this week. In a TV in­ter­view, she also ex­plained that she very much be­lieves in aliens: “I know that they’re real . . . How self-cen­tered would we be as hu­mans to be­lieve that we are the only liv­ing things in the uni­verse.” And that she’s sure there are mer­maids – she speaks in won­der of “an alien species that lives in parts of the In­dian Ocean, which we have never ex­plored be­fore as hu­man be­ings.”

Scherzinger: flicks her hair back and . . .

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