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12 cert, Frozen­byte, PS4 (also PC)

What makes a fan­tasy world so fas­ci­nat­ing? Is it the out­landish an­i­mals, the bizarre set­tings, or just the idea that any­thing is pos­si­ble? With the Trine games, it’s all about de­tail.

Their world feels tac­tile, var­ied, com­plete and very much alive. It’s a glis­ten­ing, shim­mer­ing vista with birds singing, but­ter­flies flit­ting, plants sway­ing, mon­sters grunt­ing and (some­times) gi­ant an­i­mals pant­ing. The warm, folky score doesn’t hurt ei­ther.

Trine 2 is a 2D side-scrolling ac­tion/puzzle game (sin­gle- player or mul­ti­player co-op) in which you switch be­tween three pro­tag­o­nists: Amadeus the Wizard, Pon­tius the Knight and Zoya the Thief. Each type of game­play is dis­tinct and sat­is­fy­ing; the brute com­bat of Pon­tius; the ag­ile swing­ing, climb­ing and sneak­ing of Zoya, or the lat­eral-think­ing and spell-cast­ing that come with play­ing as Amadeus. You can ac­cu­mu­late power-ups as you go and they’re tai­lored to each char­ac­ter.

Trine 2 will be fa­mil­iar to some gamers, but this ver­sion is re-jigged for PS4 own­ers. Com­plete Story has re­fined, im­proved HD graph­ics, more add-on weapons and spells, lev­els pre­vi­ously only availa- ble as down­load­able con­tent for other edi­tions. The game can also be con­verted to 3D for those with 3D TVs. It also makes great use of the PS4 con­troller; now you can use the con­sole’s touch­pad to aim your ar­row, po­si­tion your shield or draw spells.

The puz­zles are chal­leng­ing, but you can de­cide when the game gives hints, and there is of­ten more than one so­lu­tion. For ex­am­ple, if you can’t fig­ure out how to wedge open a faulty draw­bridge, maybe try stand­ing on a bub­ble that floats across the moat?

Trine 2 is a charm­ing, rich and at­trac­tive game that de­serves to find a new au­di­ence.

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