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There’s an in­her­ent para­dox when it comes to dif­fi­cult puz­zle games: you yearn for them to be eas­ier while you’re play­ing, but that would di­min­ish the even­tual grat­i­fi­ca­tion of solv­ing the co­nun­drums. Met­rico is a neat, charm­ing, in­ven­tive, and some­times ex­as­per­at­ing ex­am­ple. This side-scrolling plat­former sees a sil­hou­ette travers­ing graphs and charts. Dif­fer­ent bars on a bar chart re­act dif­fer­ently to how you move – some rise when you jump, some de­scend if you run, and so on. As it pro­gresses, your avatar learns to fire on ob­jects and cause plat­forms to rise or fall. This is done by tap­ping the PS Vita’s touch­screen. On-screen save points are also tele­por­ta­tion points, so some puz­zles de­pend on you zap­ping to the dif­fer­ent parts of the screen. Like many of th­ese games, Met­rico ul­ti­mately be­comes a game of pa­tience. some­times mad­den­ing, Met­rico is ac­com­plished and mer­ci­lessly ad­dic­tive – a great idea, well ex­e­cuted. met­

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