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Poor Ec­cles, the Bar­lows’ bor­der ter­rier on Cor­rie. The things those lit­tle but­ton eyes have seen (Ken’s af­fairs alone are enough for a lifetime of dog­gie ther­apy). Now, in keep­ing with Bar­low fam­ily tra­di­tion, Ec­cles is be­ing ac­cused of a crimes he did not com­mit (bit­ing Amy Bar­low) and has gone on the lam like The Fugi­tive or The A-Team. Tracy Bar­low, who was im­pris­oned for a crime she did com­mit (brain­ing a man with a stat­uette), is tak­ing the moral high ground and wants her pound of furry flesh. But there’s al­ready an on­line cam­paign to #saveeccles. She’s been ab­ducted by Mad­die and Sophie for his own pro­tec­tion and Ec­cles’s owner, Deirdre Bar­low, is pre­var­i­cat­ing.

Mean­while, lan­guish­ing in hu­man prison for a crime he also did not com­mit, Peter Bar­low pon­ders why there’s no #savepeter­hash­tag. Will Ec­cles be saved? I hope so. If not, I pro­pose a spin-off showwhere Ec­cles gets prison tat­toos, skips jail, and goes from town to town solv­ing crimes.

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