Peers, fam­ily and the man him­self

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Mu­si­cians on Hozier

“In the mu­sic business you meet ev­ery archetype; the peo­ple who are only nice to your face, the peo­ple that would step over you or through you to be­come some­thing. As time goes on, it be­comes clearer who you are deal­ing with and when some­one truly gifted comes along. An­drew Hozier- Byrne is a great mu­si­cian and a very nice man. That’s a spe­cial thing.” - Nial Con­lon, Deloren­tos

In­dus­try on Hozier

“He’s as good as Van Mor­ri­son and every­body else out there.” - Caro­line Downey.

Fam­ily on Hozier

“Peo­ple get the im­pres­sion that he’s an overnight suc­cess, but he has worked his arse off. He has worked him­self to the bone for the last five years. Work­ing up in the at­tic, up in his bed­room.” - Raine Hozier- Byrne

Hozier on Hozier

“I didn’t think it would hap­pen this fast, in no life did I think it would hap­pen this quick. When the first EP, pretty much signed off the back of that, the la­bels look­ing at the work, I was signed to two la­bels on ei­ther side of the At­lantic. Now, it took me two years, I had recorded a lot of mu­sic, stuff that I sadly had to say I can’t re­lease, I wasn’t happy with it. I still don’t feel like it was 10,000 hours, but I think it was enough learn­ing.”

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