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ART Maggy Mor­ris­sey: Qui­etude Images are made by leav­ing things out, and Mor­ris­sey’s pho­to­graphs (left) es­pe­cially so. Her ap­proach has been de­scribed as min­i­mal­ist, which is fair enough. Her sub­ject mat­ter en­com­passes the Ir­ish coast­line and trav­els in Europe, in­clud­ing Venice. Mor­ris­sey has a quiet, pa­tient eye and is re­cep­tive to the lay­ers of at­mos­phere and time. There is lots of space in her pho­tos, but it is never empty. RIOT-GRRRLL Sleater-Kin­ney One of Amer­ica’s best ever rock bands play­ing in Dublin? Hands up how many peo­ple have been wait­ing for this gig for years? It cer­tainly isn’t be­fore time, as fol­low­ing their break-up in 2005, SleaterKin­ney’s (right) rep­u­ta­tion and in­flu­ence only con­tin­ued to in­crease un­til they re­formed in 2014. That breath you’ve been hold­ing in for years? You can let it go now. ALT.COUN­TRY The Hand­some Fam­ily Brett and Ren­nie Sparks re­turn once again to tour around Ire­land, the coun­try that best un­der­stands their tales of spooky back­woods go­ings-on. Yes, we like ’em, we do, and af­ter years of tour­ing around th­ese parts it’s good to know that Mr and Mrs Sparks are gain­ing a com­mer­cial foothold in the US due to their mu­si­cal in­volve­ment in the hit TV show True De­tec­tive. ART WET Hive Emerg­ing, an artist-run stu­dio and gallery project in Water­ford, has built a track record of con­sis­tent, lively en­ter­prise with the em­pha­sis on group rather than in­di­vid­ual events. WET is a show of works made in the past year by Jane Rainey, Julie Brazil, Damien O Reilly, Aileen Con­roy, Pas­cal Un­gerer and more.

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