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team as Saw. To a greater ex­tent than the pre­vi­ous two movies, this “episode” is lit­tle more than a de­liv­ery sys­tem for the least sub­tle class of jump scare. Just when you most ex­pect it, some­thing lunges at the cam­era while chords shriek. You may as well pay some­body to slap you in the face with a damp rag once ev­ery five min­utes. 15A cert, gen re­lease, 97 min NEW RE­LEASE JURAS­SIC WORLD See re­view, page 9 NEW RE­LEASE LET US PREY See re­view, page 11


Don­ald Clarke

Which re­cent hit is an adap­ta­tion of Hans Chris­tian An­der­son’s The Snow Queen? The sound­track to which 2014 hit fea­tures such glo­ri­ously punned ti­tles as Monkey See, Monkey Coup and The Apes of Wrath? Iden­tify the direc­tor in the photo. What is the high­est gross­ing doc­u­men­tary film of all time? What fact links Au­drey Hep­burn, the Dar­denne go bowl­ing, they down pints, they be­come best buds. At its best, Man Up is a Bri­tish-ac­cented take on Nora Ephron’s brand of spit­balling. Sad to say, the me­chan­ics of the movie are a bit screwy. De­cent enough. 15A, gen re­lease, 87 min NEW RE­LEASE THE MIS­FITS See re­view on irish­ MOOMINS ON THE RIVIERA/ MUUMIT RIVIERALLA Great Flood or the com­pelling in­tro­spec­tion of Moomin­land Mid­win­ter. Still, mi­nor Moomins are bet­ter than no Moomins at all. Warmly rec­om­mended. Gen cert, gen re­lease, 77 min


Un­nec­es­sary, but not ir­re­deemably ap­palling, re­make of the Tobe Hooper (re­ally Steven Spiel­berg) clas­sic con­cern­ing a ghost in the telly. “There’s noth­ing to be afraid of,” mom (De­Witt) tells sen­si­tive young­ster, Grif­fin (Catlett). Well, that’s all right then. So there’s no need to feed the an­ti­quated clown dolls with the ma­ni­a­cal laugh that roam around the bed­room at right? Like many such re­makes, it’s ac­tu­ally quite ef­fi­cient, but soul­less. 15A cert, gen re­lease, 93 min NEW RE­LEASE QUEEN AND COUN­TRY

See re­view, page 10


A Royal Night Out imag­ines that, on the last night of the war in Europe, sen­si­ble Princess El­iz­a­beth (Gadon) and dim-wit­ted Princess Mar­garet (Powley) es­cape a party at the Ritz and launch them­selves into West End lowlife. It’s not a ter­ri­ble idea for a film. But Royal Night Out is dragged down by shal­low stag­ing, hugely broad char­ac­ter­i­sa­tion and some un­evenly matched strug­gles be­tween ac­tor and ac­cent. 12A cert, lim re­lease, 97 min


Is­lamic fun­da­men­tal­ists have taken over the Malian city and are press­ing home a se­ries of rigid cul­tural re­stric­tions. Foot­ball is banned, mu­sic for­bid­den. Fol­low­ing an ac­ci­dent with a cow, one wan­der­ing fam­ily is drawn into the mad­ness. Sissako’s drama has ter­ri­ble things to say, but it con­ceals them within a nar­ra­tive that swells with ten­sion and hu­mour. Maybe the fam­ily are a lit­tle too idealised, but that’s a small thing. 12A cert, IFI/Light House, Dublin, 96 min


Tol­er­a­ble, mud­dled sci­encefic­tion adventure with a plot that de­fies easy sum­mary. The trou­ble with To­mor­row­land, de­spite its alt.uni­verse ge­nioc­racy, is that it doesn’t re­ally know (or care) any­thing about science at all. We’re in­tro­duced to a class of tick­ing dooms­day doohickey that can­not be stopped by things like “science” or “in­tel­lect”. In­stead we’re told the Earth can be saved by pos­i­tive think­ing. Yay! Po­lar ice caps melt­ing? Send a cheer­leader! Nat­u­ral dis­as­ter? Try some woolly think­ing! 12A cert, gen re­lease, 130 min

TWO BY TWO Two by Two brings us digitised beast­ies and a plot that will seem aw­fully familiar to any­one who has watched Ice Age. Hap­pily, it has enough charm to carry off a lit­tle deriva­tion. The an­i­ma­tion cap­tures such tricky things as fur and wa­ter very well. And the film com­pen­sates for Isn’t-that-Scar­from- The-Lion-King? deja vu with some gen­uinely orig­i­nal cre­ations, in­clud­ing a gi­ant par­a­site-in­hab­ited slug voiced by Paul Ty­lak. G cert, gen re­lease, 96 min NEW RE­LEASE WEST See re­view, page 10-11

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