Jason Derulo dab­bles in the kitchen, as Rita Ora re­leases a cracker

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Track of the week: Poi­son by Rita Ora This falls into one of our favourite mu­si­cal sub­gen­res – the emo­tional banger. Writ­ten by Kate Nash (yes! That Kate Nash!), it’s a midtempo song about a dys­func­tional re­la­tion- ship. Short ver­sion? Rita sings “I pick my poi­son and it’s you,” and the drums crash in dur­ing the mid­dle-eight as her world falls apart.

He­roes of the week are Lit­tle Mix, for their hand work af­ter The X Fac­tor. Jesy Lit­tle Mix told Hunger mag­a­zine: “If you come off The X Fac­tor and ex­pect ev­ery­thing to be handed to you, that’s when it falls apart. That’s where a lot of artists that come off The X Fac­tor fall down, they’re there and then they’re gone in a flash. We had to work so hard and I don’t think peo­ple re­alise that – it was never easy – but we kept that men­tal­ity up and that’s why I think we’ve been suc­cess­ful. Any­one that says it’s not cred­i­ble, I’d like to see them give it a go!”

Zero of the week are Jason Derulo’s cook­ing skills. He told BBC Ra­dio 1 he’s too “cre­ative” in the kitchen: ”You know what my prob­lem is I think? I think I’m a lit­tle too cre­ative in the kitchen. For some rea­son when I get in the kitchen I feel like I know how to cook. So I start putting things to­gether, I be like, ‘Oh that needs a lit­tle bit of ginger right there, let me put a lit­tle bit of cho­co­late on the chicken.’ Yeah I like jelly, ev­ery­body likes jelly, right?” Cho­co­late chicken? It’s a no from us, Jason.

In pen and pa­per news Mick Fleet­wood (of Fleet­wood Mac) is pen­pals with Harry Styles. Mick told the Mir­ror: “I took my two 13-year-old daugh­ters and their mates to see One Di­rec­tion.” Then at a meet and greet “all their song­writ­ing team wanted to meet me. That’s when I met Harry and he’s come to three of our shows. He writes to me from weird places.”

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