Think­ing woman’s al­bum

Santigold tack­les thorny cur­rent is­sues such as nar­cis­sism, con­sumerism and dis­trac­tion on her new al­bum, but she was de­ter­mined to have­fun with it too. ‘Iwanted to ex­plore thosethemes in a re­ally play­ful way rather than preach,’ she tells Jim Car­roll

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“It’s so strange how you make money in this busi­ness now. It’s so sep­a­rate from the art”

This time around, Santi White vowed to her­self, she’d have fun mak­ing her new al­bum. The last one, came with the stresses and strains caused by switch­ing la­bels and man­age­ment. She didn’t want to do that again.

So White de­cided that mak­ing the al­bum that would be­come 99c would be a fun ex­pe­ri­ence. “This is my third record so I know record­ing al­bums is tough, gru­elling and not fun. But I wanted to en­joy my­self, I wanted it to be a fun process and I was de­ter­mined to take noth­ing less than that.

“I was preg­nant when I started writ­ing and I recorded two songs be­fore I had the baby and the rest came two months af­ter the birth. Be­cause I had this new bun­dle of joy at home, I wanted to carry some of that en­ergy into the stu­dio and bring some of the bright­ness and light­ness with me.”

She set up shop at a friend’s stu­dio and went to work. “It was su­per-com­fort­able. I was eight or nine months preg­nant at the

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