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Mar­cus Lamb kin was al­ways ret­i­cent about per­form­ing live as Shit Ro­bot, but he de­cided to give it ago. Now, though, he’ s de­cided to park the liveshow.

“When it’s good, it’s good and on a great night, there is noth­ing bet­ter and it’ s re­ally amaz­ing. But it’s not for me.To do my own thing and do it on my own is hard. How do you do a song live when you have Alexis or Nancy singing on it on the record? If you use a back­ing track, it doesn’t work.

“I’ d love to do alive thing with a drum ma­chine and a syn th, but then peo­ple show up want­ing to heart he songs and you’ re dis­ap­point­ing peo­ple. It’s not for me; I didn’t en­joy it.”

There were also fi­nan­cial and lo­gis­ti­cal ob­sta­cles to go­ing on tour.

“I watch my friends los­ing money left, right and cen­tre when they tour. I know it makes a huge dif­fer­ence ca­reer- and-pro­file-wise,but it’s very ex­pen­sive and very hard.

“You’ re trav­el­ling most of the time, sit­ting in a field in the mid­dle of nowhere for a whole day and you’ re los­ing money. Un­less you’re at a cer­tain level where you’ re get­ting paid huge amounts of money, it’ s a lot of risk.”

Then, there was the chang­ing na­ture of his own life.

“I’ m 44 years of age, I have two young girls, and I’ m not go­ing to stand on stage with a hel­met on. I can’t do it. With ShitRobot, peo­ple want to come and see the hel­met and the big screen and all of that. I did it, but I’m go­ing to park it for now .”

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