Teens keep the world go­ing, says Harry

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TRACK OF THE WEEK Paramore-HardTimes We’ ll not waste space ex­plain­ing the machi­na­tions that have led to this line-up of Para more( bassist Jeremy is gone, and drum­mer Zac is back). In­stead, we’ll hap­pily chat about their new new-wavey sound. Plenty of crit­ics are say­ing Lionel Richie, but we hear Tom Tom Club, with a touch of Gwen Ste fa ni couldn’ t even. The cho­rus will make you press re­peat be­fore you even get past minute one.

He roof the week is Harry Styles (right), who stood up­for his teenage fans. He told Rolling Stone :“Who’ s to say that young girls who like pop­mu­sic– short for pop­u­lar, right? – have worse mu­si­cal taste than a 30- year-old hip­ster guy? That’ s not up to you tosay. Mu­si­cis some­thing that’s al­wayschang­ing. There’s no goal posts. Young girls like The Bea­tles. You gonna tell me they’ re not se­ri­ous? How can you say young girls don’ t get it? They’ re our fu­ture. Our fu­ture doc­tors, lawyers, moth­ers, pres­i­dents, they kind of keep the world go­ing. Teenage - girl fans– they don’t lie. If they like you, they’ re there. They don’ t act too cool. They like you, and they tell you.”

Mean­while, La na del Rey had con­flicted feel­ings about en­joy­ing Coach ella against the back drop of world events .” I find it’ s a tight rope be­tween be­ing vig­i­lantly ob ser­vant of ev­ery­thing go­ing on in the world and also hav­ing enough space and time to ap­pre­ci­ate god’ s good earth the way it was in­tended to be ap­pre­ci­ated ,” she wrote on instagram.

Zero of the week is pre­tend­ing ev­ery­thing is fine, Hay­ley Para more told the Guardian .“In the past, we’ ve made it our mis­sion to shoved own peo­ple’ s throats what we want them to see.You know: ‘It’s us three now, we’ re do­ing so good! And I think we don’t re­ally have that agenda any­more. I think we’ reina bet­ter place as a band than we’ ve ever been. I thinkin the past this would have pissed us off. Not you, but this drudg­ing through it; but I think nowit’s, like, cool. It al­most makes it les sofa big deal be­cause we’ re not re­sist­ing it so much .”

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