Rita Ora’s re­turn is sum­mer­time sweet

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TRACK OF THE WEEK: Ri­taOra- YourSong Cast your mind back to start, be­fore Rita Or a( right) was stuck in la­bel dis­putes( it’ s been awhile since she’ s re­leased mu­sic, but she’ s fi­nally able to get go­ing again ). Re­mem­ber her solo de­but How We Do? Con­sider this the se­quel. Opening wit ht the line “I woke up with the fear this morn­ing, but I can still taste you on the tip of my tongue ”, Rita’ s re con­sid­er­ing be­ing sin­gle. It’s light and breezy, with stripped-back pro­duc­tion, but­the con­fes­sion al lyrics are sum­mer­time sweet, like eat­ing ice-cream in your new sweet­heart’s back gar­den.

He­roes of the week are the H aim sis­ters, who told BBC ra­dio one how to get by liv­ing with your par­ents .“Wake up as early as pos­si­ble and leave the house, so you don’ t have to deal with them in the morn­ing,” says Alana. “Still say please and thank you, al­ways do the dishes” is Est e’ s ad­vice .“No dishes in the sink ,” adds Alan a. Mean­while, Harry Styles has been talk­ing about work­ing on film sets with Christo­pher Nolan. He told Lit­tle White Lies :“The big­gest thing I learned from mak­ing this movie is that Chris Nolan doesn’ t sit down. He leads by ex­am­ple, so any­time there’s a break given, it’s be­cause he knows ev­ery­one else needs one.

“It makes it re­ally hard to com­plain be­cause you know he’ s been there longer than you, you know he’s the first one there and he’ s go­ing to bethel a stone to leave. Fo rhim, it’s all about mak­ingthe project the bestt hatit can be and that’ s in­fec­tious .”

Zero of the week is trav­el­ling alone, ac­cord­ing to Ni all Ho ran. He told Bill­board that it’s taken a while to ad­just to be­ing a solo artist .“Ev­ery now and then you’ re like, ‘Fookin’ h ell, where is ev­ery­one? ’“he says .“You’re sit­ting in an air­port lounge, they call you for aplane, and you don’t stand up ini­tially be­cause you’ re wait­ing on-ev­ery­one else, you know ?‘ Oh, Louis’ ll be back from the toi­let in aminute.’”

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