The Irish Times - Friday - The Ticket - - SEVEN DAYS - Don­ald Clarke

1 “I’ll be right here.” Whose last words to us?

a) ET b) Han Solo c) Lawrence of Ara­bia d) The Franken­stein Crea­ture

2 I have a pain in my Gul­liver, but that will not stop me from lis­ten­ing to a bit of Lud­wig Van and hav­ing a bit of in-and-out. Who am I?

a) Alex b) Alec c) Al­bert d) Alistair

3 Which Brad Pitt char­ac­ter be­longs with a vol­ley­ball called Wil­son and rab­bits called Har­vey and Frank?

a) Ben­jamin But­ton b) Jesse James c) Aldo Raine d) Tyler Dur­den

4 Who grew up to be­come both Glo­ria Stu­art and Judi Dench?

a) Cate Blanchett b) Kate Beck­in­sale c) Kate Winslet d) Kate Mul­grew

5 Which is the tit­u­lar ex­cep­tion pic­tured above?

6 What’s Frank’s favourite beer?

a) Miler High Life b) Pabst Blue Rib­bon c) Heineken d) Coors Light

7 Which Os­car-nom­i­nated ac­tor once played for his coun­try’s na­tional rugby team?

a) Javier Bar­dem b) Richard Har­ris c) Beni­cio del Toro d) Rus­sell Crowe

8 Who was not one of the 12 An­gry Men?

a) Ernest Borg­nine b) Jack Klug­man c) Henry Fonda d) Lee J Cobb

9 Mrs Doubt­fire, Home Alone, Chil­dren of Men, Not­ting Hill (in that or­der). Which fran­chise?

a) b) c)

Star Wars Harry Pot­ter The Fast and the Fu­ri­ous

d) James Bond

10 If Gwyneth Pal­trow is Dixie Nor­mous and Kevin Spacey is Dr Evil, who is Austin Pow­ers?

a) Robert Wag­ner b) Mike My­ers c) Tom Cruise d) Dana Car­vey

An­swers can be found at irish­­ture/film

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