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■ TRACK OF THEWEEK Lorde– Per­fect Places In a re­cent in­ter­view, Lorde sang the praises of Robyn. In Per­fect Places the ad­mi­ra­tion shows: the po­tent mix of happy-sad and the strange sen­sa­tion of re­gret­ting the­fun­you’re hav­ing while it’ s still on­go­ing. Lord es in gs about en­dles snights out,search­ing for the zenith, be­fore re ali sing“what thef*** are per­fect places, any­way ?” It’ s the comma that seals the deal,asyn­co­pated shru­gassheraises an­oth­er­glass and puts her hands upon theairto car­ryon. ■He roof the week is St Vin­cent gave some good life ad­viceon­the Rookie Pod­cast:“I think the fa king it till you make it thingisveryreal. Ifyou don’thave con­fi­dence, pre­tend to be a per­son who does, and even­tu­ally you will have con­fi­dence‘ cause you’ ll see the fruits of your reach­ing out to peo­ple, but mainly noone’slookingat youand­noone cares’ cause they’ re all think­ing about­them­selves.”

■Mean­while, Ed Sheer an told Bill­board that he al­ways wants to have as tam­pon song she has worked on .“As many times as I can, if there’ s a song I have a writ­ing­cred­i­ton, Itry­to­have some sort of el­e­ment of me on it, just as a kind of sig­na­ture. Even if it’sme do­ing the back­ing vo­cal or meplay­ingthe gui­tar, Ijust­like hav­ing that el­e­ment on songs I’ ve been­in­volvedin.”

■ Ze­roes oft he­week: Peo­ple whodon’t use theirv oices, ac­cord­ing to Katy Perry, who told the Ob­server that she has lost cam­paigns for be­ing out spo­ken .“I think it’ s ac­tu­ally quite self­ish: if you’ re all about‘ the peo­ple’ but you don’ t want to help‘ the peo­ple’ be­cause youdon’t want to say things when things get tough, then what are you about? Pro­tect­ing your brand? Mak­ing sure you don’ t lose zero es in your bank ac­count ?” She went on: “Ba­si­cally, cor­po­ra­tions are like, ‘Don’ t have an opin­ion ’, andI’m like ,‘ So if Iwasvoc ali sing for the oth­er­side, you’dstill­get let­ters, you knowt hat right?’”

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