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1 What was Ke… Ke… Ken’s fish called? a) Nemo b) Dory c) Moby d) Wanda 2 “Let me tell you what Like a Vir­gin’s about.” The first line to what? a) Pulp Fic­tion b) Jackie Brown c) Reser­voir Dogs d) Kill Bill Vol I 3 Who is about to fol­low in the foot­steps of Fredric March, James Ma­son and Kris Kristof­fer­son? a) Rus­sell Crowe b) Johnny Depp c) Bradley Cooper d) Den­zel Wash­ing­ton 4 Which of the roles be­low is nom­i­nally the odd one out? a) Michael Caine in The Ipcress File b) Paul McGann in With­nail and I c) Ryan Gosling in Drive d) Henry Fonda in 12 An­gry Men 5 At what bat­tle might you en­counter James Bond, the Sun­dance Kid, Han­ni­bal Lecter, Pop­eye Doyle and Sonny Cor­leone (sort of)? a) D Day b) Dunkirk c) Bat­tle of the Bulge d) Arn­hem 6 Who unites The Ser­vant, The French Lieu­tenant’s Woman, The Go Between and Sleuth? a) Christo­pher Hampton b) Tom Stop­pard c) Harold Pin­ter d) John Os­borne 7 Which is the odd one out? a) T-1000 b) THX-1138 c) T-X d) 800 Se­ries 8 Who amongst those pic­tured is the chro­matic out­sider? 9 Which comes next in this Os­car se­quence: Den­mark, Iran, Aus­tria, Italy, Poland, Hun­gary? a) Iran b) France c) Ger­many d) Swe­den 10 Which does not re­mind us of the Arizona cap­i­tal? a) Leaf b) River c) Sum­mer d) Flower

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