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Golden Record Gal­way Arts Cen­tre, 47 Do­minic Street, Gal­way Un­til July 30 gal­wa­yarts­cen­

Forty years ago, the Voy­ager space­crafts (there were two of them) left earth, bound for dis­tant stars. Leav­ing our own so­lar sys­tem in 2013, it’s es­ti­mated it will be 40,000 years be­fore they make it to their next po­ten­tial land­fall. These ga­lac­tic ex­plor­ers car­ried “Golden Records”, which in­cluded sounds: ocean waves, people kiss­ing, Beethoven and Chuck Berry. Ap­par­ently The Bea­tles said no, for “li­cens­ing rea­sons” – imag­in­ing aliens in­fring­ing their copy­right, per­haps? There were also en­coded im­ages, of joy­ful people, land­scapes and math­e­mat­i­cal equa­tions. To cel­e­brate the an­niver­sary, artists in­clud­ing Dorothy Cross, Lucy McKenna, Paul Nu­gent and Jennifer Wal­she have been in­vited to show work that might just com­mu­ni­cate how we see our­selves to­day. In­trigu­ing fun.

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