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Which of the fol­low­ing films does not fea­ture the sub­ject of tele­vi­sion’s Made in Amer­ica? a) Space Jam b) The Naked Gun 2 1/2 c) Capricorn One d) The Cas­san­dra Cross­ing


What will you hear over the sex scene in Watch­men, the end cred­its of Lord of War, and at the close of Shrek? a) Hal­lelu­jah b) Ada­gio for Strings c) Love Ma­chine d) The Times They Are a Changin’


Which of these Steven Spiel­berg films does not fea­ture a score by John Wil­liams? a) The Colour Pur­ple b) Close En­coun­ters of the Third Kind c) Raiders of the Lost Ark d) Schindler’s List


Spot the odd Mary out (above).


Sonny Bono was to Palm Springs as Clint East­wood was to . . . a) Mal­ibu b) Mon­terey c) San Francisco d) Carmel


John Sch­lesinger, Roger Michell, Paul Schrader and Joe Wright. Which nov­el­ist? a) Will Self b) Julian Barnes c) Ian McEwen d) Ian McEwan


Which (par­don the phrase) bomb­shell was re­lated by mar­riage to the first bowler to take 300 wick­ets in test cricket? a) Raquel Welch b) Sophia Loren c) Joan Collins d) Brigitte Bar­dot


Who was Wil­liam Pratt? a) Boris Karloff b) Cary Grant c) Ron­ald Cole­man d) Stan Lau­rel


Tim Bur­ton (2003). Charles Crich­ton (1988). Fran­cis Ford Cop­pola (1983). An­drea Arnold (2009). What’s on the menu? a) Fruit b) Fish c) Cheese d) Beef


Who has yet to be Nicked? a) Whit­ney Hus­ton b) Kurt Cobain c) Michael Jack­son d) Aileen Wournos

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