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1 Who was never Na­van man?

a) Thomas Crown b) James Bond c) Michael Collins d) Des­mond Doyle

2 What comes after Duel, The Su­gar­land Ex­press, Jaws and Close En­coun­ters of the Third Kind?

a) 1941 b) Raiders of the Lost Ark c) ET d) The Colour Pur­ple

3 What’s Up, Doc?, Zo­diac, Dirty Harry, Ver­tigo. Where are we?

a) Bal­ti­more b) Chicago c) San Fran­cisco d) Cleve­land

4 Who among those pic­tured above won’t help with a flat tire? 5 Reynolds fights crime in a silly suit. Ro­gen fights crime in a hat. Pa­trick Ste­wart is a Nazi. It’s peo­ple! What colour?

a) Blue b) Red c) Yel­low d) Green

6 Who links Daphne du Mau­rier, Wal­ter Te­vis, Roald Dahl and Lucy Irvine?

a) Al­fred Hitch­cock b) Robert Rossen c) Danny DeVito d) Ni­co­las Roeg

7 Who hasn’t been fa­mous for 15 min­utes?

a) David Bowie b) Jared Har­ris c) Jim Car­rey d) Guy Pearce

8 Whose is the only name miss­ing: Sofia Cop­pola, Jane Cam­pion, Kathryn Bigelow?

a) Lina Wert­müller b) Penny Mar­shall c) Ava DuVer­nay d) Patty Jenk­ins

9 Which was not re­leased in a fa­mous cin­e­matic an­nus mirabilis?

a) Stage­coach b) Ci­ti­zen Kane c) The Wizard of Oz d) Gone With the Wind

10 Which di­rec­tor has re­made films by Michael Cur­tiz, Edward Dmytryk and Jean-Pierre Melville?

a) Sid­ney Pol­lack b) Neil Jor­dan c) Ron Howard d) Paul Thomas An­der­son

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