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Häxan (1922) In­spired by an old copy of Malleus Malefi­carum, Ben­jamin Chris­tensen’s once-banned film ex­plores me­dieval be­liefs about witch­craft. The Witches (1966) Joan Fon­taine leaves Africa for a nice quiet life as an English school­teacher only to en­counter strange do­ings. Mod­ern sor­cery? Or mad­ness? Black Sun­day (1966) In Mario Bava’s adap­ta­tion of Niko­lai Go­gol’s Viy, cult hero­ine Bar­bar Steele is burnt at the stake. But you can’t keep a good witch down. Sus­piria (1970) Europ­ud­ding doesn’t get any tastier than Dario Ar­gento’s kinky, witchy, Goblin-scored, psy­che­delic psy­che-out.

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