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Run a 5k

Ex­plain it to me: Run­ning a 5k is the first big tar­get for any new run­ner. In eight weeks you can go from walker to run­ner if you fol­low a sen­si­ble plan. A first 5km nor­mally takes about 30- 40 min­utes for most new run­ners. Where do I start: Be­fore you start run­ning, get a train­ing plan in place. There are lots of train­ing plans and apps to down­load on­line, or you can use our Ir­ish Times Get Run­ning plan. Most be­gin­ner plans will in­volve three runs/ walks per week. What­ever plan you choose, build up your run­ning min­utes grad­u­ally over the weeks. Costs: In the­ory, run­ning is a free sport, but it does pay off to in­vest in a de­cent run­ning shoes that suit your feet/ body. For fe­male run­ners, a good sup­port­ive sports bra is a good idea. There are plenty of gad­gets, gear and ac­ces­sories you can in­vest in over time as lit­tle re­wards for your achieve­ments, but none are es­sen­tial for the new run­ner. You can al­ways time your run­ning min­utes with the timer on your phone. Top tips: The quick­est way to turn your­self off run­ning is to start too fast. Re­sist the temp­ta­tion to speed and run at a com­fort­able con­ver­sa­tional pace in these early days. Give your body time to adapt. Fo­cus on good pos­ture and run lightly over the ground to re­duce the risk of in­jury on your body. Try run­ning on dif­fer­ent sur­faces and lo­ca­tions. The va­ri­ety will keep you dis­tracted and the min­utes will dis­ap­pear quicker. The best tip of all is to get a run­ning buddy. Find some­one else who is also keen to start and keep each other ac­count­able and mo­ti­vated all the way to 5km. Mary Jen­nings is founder and run­ning coach with For­getTheGym. ie. Mary trains be­gin­ners and marathon­ers and ev­ery­one in be­tween to en­joy run­ning and stay in­jury free. Mary is also the cre­ator of all our Ir­ish Times Get Run­ning pro­grammes – Be­gin­ners Get Run­ning, Get Run­ning 10km and Get Run­ning, Stay Run­ning.

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