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1. So­lar- charged jacket The jacket may be so­lar- charged, but it’s free from elec­tron­ics. The se­cret is a phos­pho­res­cent com­pound em­bed­ded in the fab­ric which ab­sorbs light ( whether sun­light or ar­ti­fi­cial) and then glows in the dark. Its mak­ers claim a cou­ple of hours “charg­ing” de­liv­ers up to 12 hours of green lu­mi­nes­cence. The jacket it­self is light­weight, com­pact and wa­ter­proof, with tape- sealed seams and wa­ter­proof zip­per. Al­beit, be­ing seen in the dark does come at a price. ¤ 325, check out volle­ 2. My UV Patch Sk­in­care brand La Roche- Posay is hardly ex­pected to break new ground in wear­able tech­nol­ogy, yet My UV Patch does just that. The patch in ques­tion is about the size of a two euro coin and as un­ob­tru­sively thin as a layer of skin. Stick it any­where ex­posed, ( back of a hand or wrist is rec­om­mended), set up a skin pro­file on the as­so­ci­ated free app and you’re set. Pho­to­sen­si­tive dyes in the patch re­act to sun­light and scan­ning it with the app ad­vises on cal­i­brat­ing ex­po­sure to keep your skin healthy. A wor­thy wear­able tech de­but. laroche- posay. ie 3. Klymit Lite­wa­ter dinghy Pack­a­bil­ity is the or­der of the day here. Fold­ing up into a 12cm by 24cm dry bag pouch and weigh­ing less than a kilo­gram, the dinghy may look a lit­tle like a lilo on steroids when in­flated, but is still re­spon­sive in the wa­ter. Need­less to say it’s not in­tended for white­wa­ter raft­ing, rated for class 2 con­di­tions: mild, flat wa­ter to small waves. One smart fea­ture is the dry bag which comes with the dinghy dou­bling- up as a pump so you can save your puff for the wa­ter. $ 170 from Tom Kelly @ tom­tomkelly




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