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Is your house hope­lessly clut­tered? Are your clos­ets burst­ing with use­less bric- a- brac and are your wardrobes spilling over with old clothes you’ll never wear? Ever won­dered why you’re so re­luc­tant to let things go? It’s all in your mind, ap­par­ently – you have to change the way you think and root out the un­der­ly­ing is­sues that cause you to be­come a hoarder.

Ar­chi­tect and de­signer Roisin Mur­phy can’t do much about what’s in your head, but she can help you de- clut­ter your home, which hope­fully will open the door to a bet­ter state of mind and a hap­pier life. Roisin and her team are back for an­other se­ries of Des­per­ate Houses ( Tues­day, RTÉ One, 8.30pm), and they’ll be go­ing into peo­ple’s pads and help­ing them clear out the clut­ter that’s been pil­ing up over the years.

Their first pa­tient – I mean, client – is Annette from Tal­laght, who has brought up three chil­dren in her house on her own af­ter her hus­band, Michael, died of a brain haem­or­rhage when the kids were very young. Tragedy be­fell the fam­ily again when her son John died four years ago. The legacy of her loss is that Annette now has prob­lems with let­ting things go, but iron­i­cally, her house so clut­tered, the things worth keep­ing – and the im­por­tant me­men­tos of her life – are buried un­der a load of stuff that is no longer of any value. Roisin’s task is to help Annette sep­a­rate the junk from the things that re­ally mat­ter.

For prob­lems more med­i­cal than stor­age- re­lated, Dr Pixie McKenna and Dr Phil Kier­nan are back for a third se­ries of You Should Re­ally See a Doc­tor ( Wednesday, RTÉ One, 8.30pm). They’ll be trav­el­ling the coun­try again with their pop- up clinic, and among their pa­tients is a guy with per­sis­tent mouth ul­cers, a woman with chronic pelvic gir­dle pain, and a farmer with a mys­te­ri­ous burn­ing sen­sa­tion in his feet. You should re­ally see some of these rashes, bumps and blis­ters – if you can stom­ach it. The doc­tor­ing duo will also be vis­it­ing the Blue Jean Coun­try Queen Fes­ti­val in Ath­boy, Co Meath, to show the belles how to carry out their own breast checks, and call­ing at the Lim­er­ick Clas­sic Car Show to help the mo­tor­heads check un­der the hood for tes­tic­u­lar can­cer.

So, you’ve been di­ag­nosed with a ter­mi­nal ill­ness, and sud­denly ev­ery­one around you is be­ing su­per- nice to you, your boss stops threat­en­ing to fire you, and your girl­friend has de­cided not to dump you af­ter all. But then the doc­tor tells you he made a mis­take and you’re not ac­tu­ally sick at all. What you do? You say noth­ing of course, and con­tinue to en­joy all the at­ten­tion and sym­pa­thy. Sick Note ( Tues­day, Sky One, 10pm) stars Ru­pert Grint as the mis­di­ag­nosed Daniel, with Nick Frost as the in­com­pe­tent doc­tor who urges Daniel to keep the cha­rade up. But of course, as with all telly lies, the de­cep­tion spi­rals out of con­trol with – we hope – hi­lar­i­ous re­sults.

Imag­ine stay­ing with some­one for 50 years. I know, you can barely go 50 hours with­out hav­ing to go on Tin­der and find a new fling. But amaz­ingly, some peo­ple have lasted an en­tire half- cen­tury in each other’s com­pany with­out killing each other. Golden: Our 50 Years of Mar­riage ( Mon­day, RTÉ One, 9.35pm) meets or­di­nary cou­ples who have stuck it out through thick and thin, and tries to un­cover the se­cret to a long

■ Joan and Pierce But­ler, who have known each other since they were grow­ing up in Rath­gar, Dublin, tell their story on ‘ Golden: Our 50 Years of Mar­riage’, RTÉ 1, Mon­day. PHO­TO­GRAPH: RTE and happy re­la­tion­ship. The cou­ples cast their minds back to their courtship, their wed­ding day, the ar­rival of chil­dren and the many mile­stones, chal­lenges, vic­to­ries and tragedies along the way.

Among those fea­tured are Pat and Kath­leen Mulc­ahy, who founded Project Chil­dren, which brought young peo­ple from the North on a trip to Amer­ica to es­cape the Trou­bles; Joan and Pierce But­ler, who have known each other since they were grow­ing up in Rath­gar; Kees and An­neke Vo­ge­laar, who moved to Ire­land from the Nether­lands and bought an ap­ple farm, but had to deal with the tragedy of los­ing their son; and Ned and Eileen Cu­sack, who have been mar­ried for a whop­ping 73 years, and may be Ire­land’s old­est mar­ried cou­ple.

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