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When were you clos­est to death? Radie: A tire blew on the mo­tor­way in Texas once and we all thought we were done for. Ian: There’s been a few sit­u­a­tions when I’ve been driv­ing the van on tour where I’ve pulled a stupidly dan­ger­ous move. You have to get up at four in the morn­ing to get to an after­noon gig on two hours sleep and over­take a car on a blind cor­ner or some­thing stupid. You look back on it like, “ah here”, wak­ing up in the mid­dle of the night with pal­pi­ta­tions. Is there any artist you feel very con­nected to right now? Ian: The great­est hero in the coun­try is Blind­boy Boat­club. He’s so on point with ev­ery­thing he comes out with. He’s a re­ally im­por­tant voice in the coun­try right now. I’m so im­pressed with his in­tel­li­gence. Radie: I’m lis­ten­ing to loads of Townes Van Zandt. I’m re­ally feel­ing that at the mo­ment. What do you think is the best tele­vi­sion show of all time? Ian: I’m ob­sessed with Game Of Thrones. I’ve read all the books and watched the se­ries around three times. The scope and breadth of the en­tire world blows me away. It’s up there with Tolkien. Radie: I loved The So­pra­nos, but Car­ni­vale, which had two sea­sons, set dur­ing the Great De­pres­sion in a trav­el­ling cir­cus is vis­ually amaz­ing. I loved the story and its dark, omi­nous, amaz­ing sound­track. When did you last cry? Ian: I cry at nearly ev­ery sin­gle film I watch. You know the bit in The Snap­per where they pre­tend they got the young fella a re­ally crap bike for his birth­day? And then they give him a good one? I cry at that bit. I also once cried ex­plain­ing the plot of the Lion King to some­one at a party. Radie: Mu­sic makes me cry. I was at an event re­cently to do with dock­ers and the dock­lands. Lisa O’Neill per­formed a song from the point of view of a docker. A few dock­ers there started tear­ing up. It was in­tense, lovely. What was your favourite item of cloth­ing as a teenager? Ian: An Iron Maiden T- shirt that I still have. I got it when I was 15. It used to be long- sleeve, and had a print on the front from Pow­er­slave, but the print wore off so I sewed an­other Iron Maiden patch on to it. I still have it. I find it hard to get rid of things once I be­come at­tached to them. Radie: Prob­a­bly any of my pairs of flares from Har­lequin [ Dublin vin­tage shop]. What is your go- to dessert? Radie: I’d be up­set if you told me I had to give up cheese, so I’d say a cheese­board. Ian: I had a taste of some­one else’s banof­fee pie re­cently. It was pretty amaz­ing. Ian: There’s a book by a fella called Gra­ham Han­cock called Su­per­nat­u­ral, and the core of the book is ex­am­in­ing pre­his­toric cave paint­ings and look­ing at them in the con­text of arte­facts of a shaman­is­tic rit­ual. He ties in a lot of other stuff; DMT [ psy­che­delic drug], ayahuasca, fairies, aliens, the whole lot. He gets far out to­wards the end of it, but he throws up some very in­ter­est­ing hy­pothe­ses that I’m quite com­pelled by. Radie: Mu­si­cophilia by Oliver Sacks. Also, this re­ally ex­haus­tive bi­og­ra­phy of Lola Mon­tez who was an Ir­ish femme fa­tale and con woman in the 18th cen­tury. It’s a fas­ci­nat­ing story. She was a to­tal chancer. If you could in­tro­duce one Government pol­icy to­mor­row, what would it be? Radie: A max­i­mum wage in­stead of a min­i­mum wage. Ian: Uni­ver­sal wage and hous­ing as a right. Do you have a motto or mantra when things are get­ting tough? Ian: I just re­mind my­self how lucky I am. I’m liv­ing in the top five per cent of the world’s pop­u­la­tion. I have a son who is 10 years- old and healthy. Radie: I fluc­tu­ate be­tween giv­ing out to my­self, but I en­joy zoom­ing the lens out and think­ing how in­signif­i­cant all of us are in the grand scheme of things. It doesn’t re­ally mat­ter if you f*** any­thing up! What is your favourite place to visit? Radie: Inis Oirr, but not at peak tourist sea­son. It feels away from ev­ery­where. Ian: Glen­colm­cille in south­west Done­gal. There’s a dif­fer­ent en­ergy about the place, it’s got its own

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