Five rules to trans­form your at­ti­tude to life

The Irish Times - Tuesday - Health - - New Year, New You - Moira Geary has de­vel­oped five “golden rules” that can help you trans­form your at­ti­tude to life. Ex­tract from by Moira Geary, avail­able with an on­line course from wake­u­pand­changey­

I am not a fan of rules as they give a con­no­ta­tion of hav­ing to stick within lim­its, but I make an ex­cep­tion here. If you live by these, they will lit­er­ally trans­form your life for the bet­ter.

Rule 1: Re­spect how oth­ers see the world

Each per­son has his or her own unique rep­re­sen­ta­tion of the world. Two peo­ple can go through the same ex­pe­ri­ence but have two com­pletely dif­fer­ent rep­re­sen­ta­tions of what ac­tu­ally hap­pened. You do not have to like or agree with any be­hav­iour, just re­spect that it is a per­son’s rep­re­sen­ta­tion of the world. This is where you will find free­dom.

Rule 2: Prac­tise non-judg­ment of oth­ers

Prac­tise be­ing non-judg­men­tal in terms of not be­ing crit­i­cal or pass-re­mark­able and, more im­por­tantly, not shar­ing your crit­i­cisms with oth­ers.

The peo­ple we are most judg­men­tal of are those clos­est to us. The first per­son is our­selves. Next on the list are those whom we love most. We judge them be­cause we want them to be their best. We can also judge them be­cause we have a need to con­trol, but, what­ever it is, don’t beat your­self up about it. Just start to prac­tise be­ing non-judg­men­tal in all ar­eas.

Rule 3: Change your per­cep­tion of your re­al­ity in­stead of try­ing to change the cir­cum­stances

I of­ten see un­happy peo­ple who

be­lieve that if only peo­ple or sit­u­a­tions around them would change, they would be happy. Peo­ple do not want to change their be­hav­iours to make you happy; they are too busy try­ing to make them­selves happy. The best way to be happy is to change how you see your re­al­ity.

Rule 4: Un­der­stand that there is a pos­i­tivein­ten­tion­be­hin­dall­be­haviour

Every­one’s be­hav­iour is driven by our sub­con­scious mind in a bid to make us happy – it has a pos­i­tive in­ten­tion. Past ex­pe­ri­ences will again be re­spon­si­ble for the some­times dif­fi­cult and de­struc­tive be­hav­iour that peo­ple en­gage in. Ac­cept­ing this means it is much eas­ier not to get caught up in the drama, the story and the neg­a­tiv­ity.

Rule 5: Ac­knowl­edge that ev­ery re­source you need to cre­ate change is al­ready in you When you look around and no­tice the chal­lenges and goals peo­ple have over­come and achieved in the his­tory of the world, it is noth­ing short of in­cred­i­ble.

To over­come chal­lenges and achieve­goal­swe­needasetofre­sources, and we were all born with these re­sources. Some­times it is eas­ier to blame oth­ers for our sit­u­a­tion rather than em­power our­selves and make an ef­fort. You have a choice, and now that you are in­formed you have a re­spon­si­bil­ity to your­self to cre­ate the good life you de­serve.


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