Views on shared par­ent­ing the good and the bad

The Irish Times - Tuesday - Health - - Parenting Challenges - From “Ire­land’s First Na­tional Shared Par­ent­ing Sur­vey” by One Fam­ily

“It is dif­fi­cult some­times to put in­di­vid­ual griev­ances aside and un­der­stand that be­cause some­one wasn’t a good part­ner, it doesn’t mean they aren’t a good par­ent.”

“Sepa­ra­tion and di­vorce are very distress­ing for chil­dren, but I feel that by adopt­ing a shared­par­ent­ing ap­proach, I am mak­ing the most func­tional choice for my chil­dren in their daily lives that I can.”

“With both par­ents hold­ing very dif­fer­ent val­ues and be­liefs re­gard­ing the chil­dren, it be­comes a

bat­tle of wills as op­posed to shared par­ent­ing.”

“There is a lack of pro­tec­tion from the ‘other par­ent’, who is dan­ger­ously abu­sive to­wards me and our child.

“The State/court sys­tem seems to favour parental con­tact, re­gard­less of the abuse therein.”

“Al­though I was granted le­gal guardian­ship to my son, his mother re­fuses to in­form me or to tell me any­thing about his life.

“I have raised this is­sue with the courts, but the judges just do noth­ing and there are no con­se­quences for his mother.” “Me­di­a­tion should be com­pul­sory for sep­a­rat­ing cou­ples and the in­ter­ests of their chil­dren should be ham­mered home at ev­ery op­por­tu­nity.”

“He used me­di­a­tion as a place to say hor­ri­ble things about me in an at­tempt to have his ac­tions val­i­dated by some­one in au­thor­ity. It wasn’t very help­ful.”

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