The good, the bad and the ugly: wildlife doc­u­men­tary-mak­ing

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The good

“The rain­for­est canopy at dawn – maybe in the Ama­zon – where you’re watch­ing the sun come up and you’ve got troupes of scar­let macaws screech­ing over your head, and mon­keys in the trees with you, and no sight of man any­where.”

The bad

“In In­dia, I was out for a walk in a na­tional park where I was work­ing. I was wandering up a dry riverbed when sud­denly I heard this sound. I thought, ‘Oh, crikey’ – and this tiger came bar­relling at me. It was just a dummy charge and it was over in a cou­ple of sec­onds, but my en­tire body had to process feel­ings I had never felt be­fore.”

The ugly

“We have to be care­ful in mak­ing wildlife doc­u­men­taries. They can be guilty of paint­ing a much too rosy pic­ture of what’s out there. If you go to, say, Bor­neo and all you show is deep­est dark­est rain­for­est and noth­ing else, you’re giv­ing a false im­pres­sion.”

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