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1. One of these news sto­ries is fake – which one?

(a) A Cana­dian rap­per was killed af­ter fall­ing off a plane’s wing while mak­ing a pop video.

(b) Bri­tain is ready­ing a flotilla of ships to bring in essen­tial sup­plies in the event of a no-deal Brexit

(c) The ac­tor David Sch­wim­mer was caught on CCTV steal­ing a case of beer from a liquor store in Black­pool.

(d) A univer­sity in In­dia has launched a law course based on the Harry Pot­ter books

2. Which of these words ap­peared most of­ten on irish­times.com last week?

(a) Fire­works (b) Flu (c) Blas­phemy (d) Struc­tural 3. Who is this? 4. One of these fig­ures is off the mark. Which one?

(a) Golfer Shane Lowry pock­eted a ¤220,000 cheque for com­ing sec­ond in the Valder­rama Mas­ters in South of Spain

(b) More than 3,000 un­safe or toxic cos­metic prod­ucts have been seized in the past two years

(c) Only ¤3 mil­lion has been given to re­place the ward-of-court sys­tem

(d) 10,000 homes have been ex­empted from prop­erty tax since 2013, at a cost of ¤20m

5. Fill in this head­line: TDs warned ------ will of­fend China

(a) MAGA hats (b) Con­tact with Tai­wan (c) Ban on fire­works (d) Meeting Dalai Lama 6. Pak­ista­nis are up in arms over the “mas­sacre” of a clas­sic 1960s song on a pop­u­lar TV show. What’s the song called? (a) Ko Ko Ko­rina (b) Ay No Cor­rida (c) Dil Dil Pak­istan (d) In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida 7. Ac­cord­ing to a study, what sound is more likely to wake a child up than a smoke alarm? (a) Baby Shark (b) Mummy’s voice (c) Daddy’s snor­ing (d) Scooby-Doo shout­ing “It’s a ron­ster!” 8. A man who stole a dead woman’s money or­dered the same pizza ev­ery day for two years. What top­pings did he ask for? (a) Ham and mince­meat (b)Pineap­ple and olives (c) Pep­per­oni and an­chovies (d) Prosci­utto and smoked sal­mon 9. Bo­hemi­ans have launched their new away kit – which fa­mous face graces the jer­sey? (a) Bono (b) Bob Mar­ley (c) Phil Lynott (d) Gerry Daly 10. What hap­pened on Wed­nes­day in the House of Com­mons for the first time in 100 years?

(a) The F-word was ut­tered by a prime min­is­ter (b) The Ir­ish lan­guage was spo­ken (c) An MP came out as gay (d) A fil­i­buster ac­tu­ally stopped leg­is­la­tion

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