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1 Model at pool ad­mits not hid­ing much in kind of study that re­lates to the land­scape of the area (13)

10 Take some­one’s breathe away

with weave or twist (7) 11 Good luck to choir per­form­ing around mid­dle of the week (7) 12 Lay fig­ure puts out a fire far from fair (4) 13 Syco­phants dis­miss head of state in Asian coun­try (5) 15 Men get­ting out of man­hole with di­vine head light (4) 17 Raise what’s con­cealed by agent or­ange in Blar­ney lo­cally (3)

19 One politi­cian from a city in Amer­ica, a beastly type syn­ony­mous with the herd men­tal­ity (6)

21 Give an ac­count of heads on in­sect bites all picked up in pri­vate ac­com­mo­da­tion (6) 22 Trop­i­cal fruit in starter of Ar­bo­rio rice mostly con­sumed by Kitty (7)

23 March in Spain re­lates to the sea (6)

25 Idiom from so­cial me­dia in France (6)

27 Best is one of those in 32 down (3)

29 Bar opens in 34 across (4) 30 Crea­tures with­out true wor­ries (5)

31 It’s comes as a test to twist it up in­side to par­cel a rope (4) 34 Row and fight start­ing off is wit­nessed on rugby pitch (4-3)

35 Is good for honey pro­duc­ers around sum­mits, hills and val­leys (7)

36 Prin­ci­pal with skele­ton in the cup­board is put in The Cab­i­net? That’s Clas­si­fied! (3,6,4)


2 Co­in­cide with old fa­ther

putting up with revo­lu­tion (7) 3 Or­dered to start to talk back?

Fair enough! (4)

4 Turns up, it’s about charge

for fin­ish­ing or­der in joint (6)

5 Some­thing for the post­man to de­liver work­ing for the post of­fice overseas? (6)

6 Piece of some Yosemite mon­u­ment (4) 7 Broad­cast pro­duced by man of let­ters in overseas post (7) 8 Count se­cures place on is­land that’s not too hot, with large yard – that’s an un­der­state­ment (2,3,2,6) 9 Su­pe­rior old pa­per takes man from col­lege and young woman with a teacher’s po­si­tion (3,2,3,5)

14 Study in The Ob­server (7) 16 Park­ing on nar­row street is bound to take off (5) 18 Posts from test pi­lots – in­deed? (5)

20 Copy pro­duced by the en­vi­ron­men­tal­ists do­ing a U-turn (3) 21 Stole last car from ship (3) 24 Come across to man­age teach­ers (3,4)

26 Start ag­i­ta­tion and re­sis­tance to ri­val get­ting off Jumbo (7) 27 Di­rect ac­tion cut­ting De Niro – the one with method? (6) 28 Up­sets the Span­ish blues king on record pro­duced by one of The Stones! (6) 32 Outscores those on all sides to­day (4)

33 Work­ing in the kitchen, Bernard is out of French Bread (4)

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