Car­bon monox­ide is a silent killer

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THE gov­ern­ment have taken ma­jor steps in re­cent years to fore­cast the dan­gers of Car­bon Monox­ide poi­son­ing and how peo­ple can take sim­ple precautions. Proper ven­ti­la­tion is im­por­tant but given the un­seen dan­ger that is Car­bon Monox­ide, it’s worth going that ex­tra step to keep your home safe.

Car­bon Monox­ide is a colour­less, odour­less gas and is a com­mon - yet pre­ventable - cause of death. Ap­prox­i­mately half the deaths from un­in­ten­tional CO Poi­son­ings re­sult from smoke in­hala­tion from home fires. CO poi­son­ing in the home re­lates to do­mes­tic heat­ing and fos­sil fuel in­stal­la­tions (ex­clud­ing the in­hala­tion of smoke from fires).

It’s im­por­tant to take note of this dan­ger by mak­ing sure ven­ti­la­tion grills are kept clear, while it’s no harm to fa­mil­iarise your­self with other dan­ger signs like stain­ing on walls, sooth­ing or dis­col­oration around the heat­ing ap­pli­ance; a yel­low or or­ange flame that is nor­mally blue in colour, con­den­sa­tion and damp­ness on walls where the ap­pli­ance is, and rust­ing or wa­ter streak­ing on the ap­pli­ance, vent or chim­ney.

An­other dan­ger is home im­prove­ments and one should be mind­ful of this as build­ing new ex­ten­sions, knock­ing walls, car­ry­ing out in­su­la­tion works can al­ter the way in which dan­ger­ous tox­ins are al­lowed per­me­ate from the home.

You should also buy a Car­bon Monox­ide alarm from a lo­cal hard­ware or DIY shop. For a price tag of €25 to €30, it’s a wise in­vest­ment and will en­sure ex­tra peace of mind for you and your fam­ily as the dark win­ter evenings ap­proach.

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