Why not or­gan­ise a fancy dress Christ­mas Party?

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CHRIST­MAS par­ties in re­cent years have tended to al­ter the tra­di­tional ap­proach to hav­ing that Christ­mas get to­gether by ar­rang­ing fancy dress themed events. Now just bear with me for a sec­ond on this one. Nat­u­rally the thoughts of dress­ing up as an Elf, Bat­man or Won­der Woman and sip­ping mulled wine whilst en­gag­ing in small talk with your boss might seem a lit­tle dis­tress­ing at first.

But dis­card­ing with sar­to­rial el­e­gance might just be the an­swer when it comes to gen­er­at­ing that seam­less party at­mos­phere. Af­ter all, you’ve spent the year try­ing to look as pre­sentable as pos­si­ble while at work so why not do the com­plete re­verse at Christ­mas time?

There is also lim­it­less scope when it comes to choos­ing a theme which can range from a free-for-all type party where ev­ery­one wears the sort of crazy at­tire they find most hu­mours.

You can also choose a strictly Christ­mas themed fancy dress, although watch out for the con­ser­va­tive types who will just show up wear­ing a jumper with Santa’s head stitched to it.

A pop­u­lar choice for Christ­mas par­ties con­tin­ues to be the ’70s and ‘80s fancy dress that com­bines plenty of mu­sic from those eras. Christ­mas is also one of those rare oc­ca­sions in the year when ho­tels and restau­rants are easy go­ing when it comes to per­mit­ting hordes of merry strangers in whacky cloth­ing as they roam the premises at 3am. Cos­tumes are pretty easy to source nowa­days too and there’s bound to be a shop in every town that sells them. And if all else fails, you can al­ways get out the nee­dle and thread and make some­thing.

So think dif­fer­ently ahead of this year’s Christ­mas party, think out­side the box, think of the fun you’ll have de­cid­ing what to wear.

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