Let there be light this au­tumn ... at­trac­tive light

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LIGHT­ING is an in­te­gral part of in­te­rior de­sign which en­hances fur­ni­ture, colours and fab­rics. With au­tumn and win­ter now at the door, it’s an op­por­tune time to con­sider dec­o­ra­tive lights to get that bal­ance right be­tween light that is func­tional and light that en­hances your dé­cor.

The use of light­ing can con­trib­ute twofold to your home’s colour scheme as it de­ter­mines the con­text of walls, fab­rics and fur­nish­ing. The in­te­rior de­sign view sug­gests that darker colours can make a room feel smaller, while lighter ones do the op­po­site. Soft light­ing con­trols the ef­fect of wall colours and by us­ing dim light­ing you can cre­ate warmth and re­lax­ation that dis­tracts from the room’s over­all di­men­sions as the il­lu­sion of space will be con­trolled by light re­flect­ing off the walls.

Di­rec­tional light­ing is an­other clever use of space and in­te­rior which when com­bined el­e­vates a home to new heights. By di­rect­ing lights at cer­tain fea­tures – for ex­am­ple, ro­tat­ing lights from the ceil­ing can be pointed at door­ways, a vase, or a paint­ing. This gives spe­cific el­e­ments within a room promi­nence.

By in­stalling re­cessed light­ing in floors or ceil­ings is an­other way of cre­at­ing ver­ti­cal beams of light, as op­posed to a flat glow from what we com­monly re­fer to in our sit­ting rooms as the ‘big light’. Ver­ti­cal light­ings are also stylish and dec­o­ra­tive.

How­ever, all light­ing plans should still in­clude a ‘func­tional’ light that can be used for non-dec­o­ra­tive pur­poses as there is lit­tle point in not hav­ing a func­tion­ing light­ing sys­tem for more prac­ti­cal us­age. A good light­ing sys­tem is one that al­ter­nates be­tween the dec­o­ra­tive and the func­tional as re­quired.

Hav­ing friends round for a spe­cial din­ner evening nat­u­rally re­quires a dif­fer­ent light­ing tone than say an or­di­nary fam­ily lunch. But it’s nice to have this op­tion of trans­form­ing your home’s at­mos­phere at the flick of a switch. So be sure to source an elec­tri­cian with a cre­ative and dec­o­ra­tive side to their work.

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