Re­move un­wanted hair at the speed of light – for­ever!

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IT IS es­ti­mated that over 80% of women and an in­creas­ing num­ber of men use some form of treat­ment for the re­moval of un­wanted hair. The prac­tice of hair re­moval is not new and has been around since Ro­man and An­cient Egyp­tian times where that lack of body hair was seen as a sign of higher class. For some it is a ne­ces­sity for oth­ers it is van­ity. Shav­ing is the most pop­u­lar form fol­lowed by wax­ing, both in­volve weekly if not daily treat­ment and the lat­ter in­volves a sig­nif­i­cant amount of dis­com­fort. Over their life­time it is es­ti­mated that the av­er­age woman spends €17,000 on wax­ing as it is a never end­ing, in­con­ve­nient, painful and costly process. The fu­ture how­ever has ar­rived at Vis­age Beauty Sa­lon in Kil­lar­ney.

Vis­age Beauty Sa­lon is the first sa­lon in Ire­land to of­fer the new Ely­sion laser treat­ment which can re­move un­wanted hair at the speed of light in a pain­less and per­ma­nent pro­ce­dure. Whilst laser hair re­moval is now well es­tab­lished most ex­ist­ing lasers tend to be un­com­fort­able and slow. With the new Ely­sion sys­tem you will feel no pain and treat­ment is very fast, and as a re­sult prices are now af­ford­able sav­ing many thou­sands over time.

How does it work?

The Ely­sion laser uses a spe­cific wave­length of light that is se­lec­tively ab­sorbed by the melanin, the dark pig­ment sur­round­ing each hair fol­li­cle. The melanin con­ducts the heat from the laser down to the hair root and heats up and cuts off the blood flow to the fol­li­cle per­ma­nently dis­abling and re­mov­ing the hair. Puls­ing at 3 pulses per sec­ond it is ex­tremely fast yet with the in­built skin cool­ing keep­ing the skin at a cool 5 de­grees you will hardly feel any­thing.

How many treat­ments are re­quired ?

At any one time only 30% of the hairs in the skin are vis­i­ble on the sur­face the oth­ers are dor­mant so typ­i­cally 6 ses­sions are re­quired for max­i­mum clear­ance.

Is it per­ma­nent?

As Ely­sion uses high power the hairs treated will not grow back. Dur­ing and af­ter your course your skin will be hair free so no more shav­ing or wax­ing.

Ely­sion is suit­able for men and women, all skin types and all hair types apart from white or grey hairs. Vis­age of­fer a free con­sul­ta­tion to ex­plain how the treat­ment works and check your suit­abil­ity.

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