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HUN­DREDS OF stu­dents across Wex­ford town and dis­trict be­gan their State Ex­ams last week, sit­ting down to English Pa­per I on Wed­nes­day morn­ing.

Af­ter months of classes, study and re­vi­sion, the stu­dents around Wex­ford town seemed glad to sim­ply be get­ting out of the start­ing block, even if the glo­ri­ously sunny weather (al­most a guar­an­tee at this stage for the start of the ex­ams) made them wish they were else­where.

The ex­ams opened with English Pa­per I, the English exam which is gen­er­ally con­sid­ered to be a more straight-for­ward af­fair than the se­cond pa­per, which fo­cuses on learned texts and po­etry. While there were some sur­prises on the pa­per, most stu­dents came away from the exam, re­lieved that day one was over and done with.

At the CBS Sec­ondary School, a few stu­dents were fin­ished ahead of the al­lo­cated time and they were gen­er­ally happy with the first day of ex­ams.

Cal­lum Cleary from Wex­ford town was happy enough with his first exam say­ing that ev­ery­thing he ex­pected to come up did. He said that while he didn’t feel stressed out by the ex­ams, he didn’t go to bed un­til 1 a.m. the night be­fore be­cause he couldn’t sleep! Cal­lum has his sights set on do­ing a de­gree in busi­ness stud­ies.

Wil­liam Cole, from Kil­more, felt the open­ing exam went well: ‘I wrote a lot so hope­fully it was what they wanted.’ Wil­liam is head­ing off to the UK once his ex­ams are fin­ished to start an ap­pren­tice­ship in engineering. He said he hadn’t felt ner­vous ahead of the ex­ams and was glad that he would fin­ish his Leav­ing Cert with Ag Sci­ence which he en­joyed.

Over at St Peter’s Col­lege, stu­dents were be­gin­ning to mill out of the exam hall as the time counted down on English Pa­per I.

Brian Ka­vanagh from Cleariestown found the exam ‘fairly straight for­ward’ and eas­ier than he thought it would be. He in­tends to take up an ap­pren­tice­ship once his ex­ams are fin­ished.

His friend Adam Cantwell, from Cleariestown, said he was ‘happy enough’ with the ex­ams say­ing that English Pa­per I was one of the most en­joy­able ex­ams they would have. He hopes to go on to study AR­chi­tec­ture in UL.

Kyle Roche, from Cur­r­a­cloe, said the open­ing exam ‘wasn’t too bad’ and was thank­ful that he hadn’t suf­fered from nerves be­fore­hand. He in­tends to take up an ap­pren­tice­ship af­ter school.

Dy­lan Lyne, from Barn­town, re­marked that his arm was in bits af­ter what is a tra­di­tion­ally heavy exam in terms of writ­ing. He said: ‘The exma was grand but I couldn’t get it all done, there’s a lot of writ­ing in it.’ Dy­lan has his sights set on do­ing Sports and Busi­ness in Water­ford.

At the Pre­sen­ta­tion Sec­ondary School, the sixth year stu­dents were gen­er­ally happy with their open­ing exam.

Emma Busher, from Wex­ford town, was happy with how her first pa­per went, say­ing: ‘I was happy with what came up, I could an­swer ev­ery­thing so I think most peo­ple were happy enough.’ She said she was ner­vous be­cause it was the first exam but was glad it was over. She hopes to go on to do Food Sci­ence in WIT.

Her friend, Becky Byrne, from Ross­lare Strand, thought the first exam was ok, re­mark­ing that you couldn’t re­ally study for Pa­per I even though the teach­ers said you could! She said she was ‘fairly con­fi­dent’ hav­ing com­pleted the exam. She hopes to study Lan­guages in DCU.

Ni­amh Fan­ning, from Wex­ford town, said she didn’t like the way some of English Pa­per II was slot­ted into the Pa­per I exam, say­ing it had never hap­pened be­fore and even their teacher had re­marked upon it.

‘It was man­age­able but it was a bit of shock. My hand was fairly sore af­ter all of the writ­ing!’ she laughed, adding that she wasn’t sure what she wanted to do yet but was con­sid­er­ing join­ing the gar­dai, or head­ing off to col­lege.

Jade An­der­son, from Wex­ford town, felt the exam was nicer than some of the pre­vi­ous pa­pers they had looked at. She said there were a few ques­tion op­tions that they hadn’t seen be­fore but there were op­tions which made it man­age­able.

She said: ‘I was re­ally ner­vous last night, I couldn’t sleep but once you start writ­ing you get into it.’

Down at the Loreto Sec­ondary School, stu­dents were happy to have the first exam out of the way.

Gil­lian Banville, from Tagh­mon, felt the exam went ok and she didn’t suf­fer from nerves be­fore­hand. She said there wasn’t too much study you could do be­fore the Pa­per I exam.

Sally Shor­tle, from Crossabeg, was thrown by the fact that some of Pa­per II ap­peared on the Pa­per I exam but said it was ok be­cause she had re­vised Pa­per II ques­tions and was ready for the ques­tion that came up.

Sinead Cud­dihy, from Barn­town, was also thrown by the Pa­per II ques­tion but said she man­aged it ok. She hopes to do either vet­eri­nary stud­ies or pri­mary teach­ing.

Clodagh Bruen, from Wex­ford town, found the exam ok, say­ing she was glad to be fin­ished the first one. She is hop­ing to do French and Busi­ness in col­lege but said that her ex­ams will last for another few weeks as her Eco­nomics pa­per doesn’t fall un­til the se­cond last day of ex­ams.

Her friend, Katie Browne, from Pierces­town, said the pa­per was more or less what they had ex­pected and she was happy with how it went. She hopes to go on to study Law with Ir­ish.

Clodagh Dee, from Tagh­mon, felt glad that the first exam was over and done with.

‘I was ner­vous, but it was more that I was ner­vous about not be­ing ner­vous enough!’ she laughed, say­ing most peo­ple seemed happy enough with the exam. She hopes to do Sci­ence in UL af­ter school.

Over in Sel­skar Col­lege, stu­dents were emerg­ing from their exam halls, some head­ing for home while oth­ers had Home Eco­nomics in the af­ter­noon.

Kai­tana Carty-Dempsey, from Wex­ford town, said she found the exam ok, say­ing the speech ques­tion was easy as it was about tech­nol­ogy and that was some­thing that every­one knew about. She ad­mit­ted that she was more ner­vous about Home Eco­nomics than English but felt bet­ter now that the ex­ams had started. She hopes to study Zool­ogy in UCD.

An­drew Byrne, also from Wex­ford town, said he found the exam ok, point­ing out that he had changed his mind on what level he would sit and felt more com­fort­able as a re­sult of that. He joked that his hand was sore af­ter all of the writ­ing. He hopes to go on to study Sports, Sci­ence and Health in DCU.

Alex Mur­phy, from Barn­town, said he was pretty happy with the exam, say­ing none fo the ques­tions were too dif­fi­cult. He said he ‘even­tu­ally’ man­aged to sleep the pre­vi­ous night but had been dread­ing the whole week: ‘Get­ting the first one done is a re­lief.’ He hopes to study Earth Sci­ence in UCC.

CBS stu­dents Aaron Smith, Lee Mo­ran, Cian O’Connor, Justin But­ler and Cal­lum Cleary.

Gil­lian Banville, Sally Shor­tle and Sinead Cud­dihy from the Loreto.

Emma Busher and Becky Byrne from the Pre­sen­ta­tion.

Adam Cantwell and Brian Ka­vanagh from St Peter’s.

Pre­sen­ta­tion stu­dents Ni­amh Fan­ning and Jade An­der­son.

Clodagh Bruen, Katie Browne and Clodagh Dee from the Loreto.

Sel­skar Col­lege stu­dent Alex Mur­phy.

Kyle Roche and Dy­lan Lyne from St Peter’s.

Wil­liam Cole from the CBS.

Sel­skar Col­lege stu­dents An­drew Byrne and Kai­tana Carty-Dempsey.

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