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Sheep sale, Septem­ber 5: An­other large sale to­day in Tul­low with the trade re­main­ing steady for the stores while the heavy lambs I would sug­gest eas­ier by €3 to €4 per head in some cases.

Lambs over 45kg sell­ing from €98 up to a tops of €114 to­day with the ma­jor­ity from €100 to €104.

For­ward stores over 40kg con­tin­u­ing to meet a steady farmer trade sell­ing from €86 and €87 for ram lambs with some ewe lambs push­ing up over the €100 while the ma­jor­ity sell­ing from €90 to €94.

Stores over 35kg equally a de­mand­ing trade for the farmer cus­tomers with the ram lambs from €76 and €77 while the nicer well pre­sented ewes and weather any­thing from €80 to €85 with the ma­jor­ity from €80 to €82.

The lighter store lambs sold from a base of €66 for ram lambs but those nice well pre­sented 30kg ewes and weath­ers sell­ing from €70 to €74 with the 33kg and 34kg push­ing up into the high €70.

The lighter feed­ing ewes from €10 to €15 with the kg with the more for­ward feed­ing ewes up to €20 with the kg while the heavy fat ewes to­day sell­ing up to a tops of €128.

In the brood ring a very lively trade for those fit type hoggets sell­ing from €150 up to €180 with one or two pens of stronger hoggets push­ing up to a tops to­day of €195 while the clear­ance sale of ewes av­er­ag­ing €160 with the ma­jor­ity of those 2, 3 & 4 yr olds sell­ing from €130 to €165 with the hoggets in the dis­per­sal sale av­er­ag­ing €180.

The gen­uine 2,3 and 4 yr olds through­out the sale sell­ing from €120 up to €150 with the aged sell­ing from €100.

In the pure bred ram sale the Bel­clare rams made a steady trade sell­ing any­thing from €320 up to €450 per unit and the Ven­deens had a full clear­ance and they sold from €380 up to €450.

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