Quinn and Smith prove un­stop­pable

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THE Wick­low Mas­ters Cross County Cham­pi­onships took place in Shangan­nagh last Sun­day morn­ing with two ex­cel­lent races that went right down to the wire.

First off at 11am were the women who took to the track in per­fect con­di­tions for their 4km joust.

From the word go it was the trio of Ash­ling Smith (Bray Run­ners), Cather­ine O’Con­nor (Par­nell AC) and An­n­marie Kenny (Par­nell AC) who set the pace and that was how it re­mained un­til 500 me­ters from the fin­ish when Ash­ling Smith launched her at­tack and roared home to her first Wick­low cross county ti­tle in a time of 16.48 with O’Con­nor in se­cond and Kenny in third.

Bray Run­ners grabbed the team gold while Par­nell fin­ished in se­cond.

It was the turn of the men then and last year’s cham­pion, Clive Quinn (Avon­dale AC) took to the track look­ing to de­fend his ti­tle but he was made work all the way by Gary Con­don (Bray Run­ners) and Brian Gur­rin (Kil­coole AC). But work he did and Quinn romped home in a time of 21.23 to claim his se­cond crown with Gary Con­don hav­ing to set­tle for sil­ver yet again.

Kil­coole AC took the men’s team ti­tle with Panell AC and Bray Run­ners close be­hind. Full re­sults be­low: Women - 1st: Ash­ling Smith (Bray Run­ners) (W45) 16.48; 2nd: Cather­ine O’Con­nor (Par­nell AC) (W40) 16.56; 3rd: An­n­marie Kenny (Par­nell AC) (W40) 17.21; 4th: Jean O’Kennedy (Bray Run­ners) (W55) 18.28; 5th: Mary Hayde (Bray Run­ners) (W45) 18.39; 6th: Jenny Lawler (Bray Run­ners) (W35) 18.53; 7th: San­dra Peg­man (Kil­coole AC) (W45) 19.12; 8th: Martha O’Neill (Par­nell AC) (W45) 19.44; 9th: Roisin Daly (Par­nell AC) (W50) 21.14; 10th: Mau­reen O’Rourke (Bray Run­ners) (W40) 21.16; 11th: San­dra Brady (Bray Run­ners) (W55) 21.34; 12th: Aoife Stokes (Bray Run­ners) (W35) 24.09; 13th: Avril Leonard (Bray Run­ners) (W40) 24.36; 14th: Emer Hynes (Bray Run­ners) (W45) 24.36. Team cham­pi­onship 1st: Ash­ling Smith (Bray Run­ners) 16.48; Jean O’Kennedy (Bray Run­ners) 18.28; Mary Hayde (Bray Run­ners) 18.39.

2nd: Cather­ine O’Con­nor (Par­nell) 16.56; An­n­marie Kenny (Par­nell) 17.21; Martha O’Neill (Par­nell) 19.44. W35 1st (6): Jenny Lawler (Bray Run­ners) 18.53; 2nd (12): Aoife Stokes (Bray Run­ners) 24.09. W40 1st (2): Cather­ine O’Con­nor (Par­nell) 16.56; 2nd (3): An­n­marie Kenny (Par­nell) 17.21; 3rd (10): Mau­reen O’Rourke (Bray Run­ners) 21.16; 4th: (13): Avril Leonard (Bray Run­ners) 24.36. W45 1st (1): Ash­ling Smith (Bray Run­ners) 16.48; 2nd (5): Mary Hayde (Bray Run­ners) 18.39; 3rd (7): San­dra Peg­man (Kil­coole) 19.12; 4th (8) Martha O’Neill (Par­nell) 19.44; 5th (14): Emer Hynes (Bray Run­ners) 24.36. W50 1st (9): Roisin Daly (Par­nell) 21.14. W55 1st (4): Jean O’Kennedy (Bray Run­ners) 18.28; 2nd (11): San­dra Brady (Bray Run­ners) 21.34.

Men - 1st: Clive Quinn (Par­nell) (M40) 21.23; 2nd: Gary Con­don (Bray Run­ners) (M45) 21.34; 3rd: Brian Gur­rin (Kil­coole) (M45) 21.51; 4th: Colin Wen­dell (Kil­coole) (M35) 22.09; 5th: Mick Fin­nan (Par­nell) (M45) 22.12; 6th: Damien Byrne (Kil­coole) (M40) 22.19; 7th: Paul O’Brien (Kil­coole) (M35) 22.21; 8th: Alan Dal­ton (Par­nell) (M40) 22.26; 9th: Andrew Law­less (Kil­coole) (M35) 22.26; 10th: Do­minic Ho­ran (Bray Run­ners) (M50) 22.30; 11th: Ray Kenny (Par­nell) (M40) 22.35; 12th: Ian Egan (Tuam, Guest) 22.50; 13th: Cor­mac Con­roy (Slí Cualann) (M45) 22.51; 14th: Ro­nan King (Inbhear Dee) (M45) 23.13; 15th: Robert Mur­phy (Par­nell) (M40) 23.22; 16th: Kevin Kelle­her (Kil­coole) (M35) 23.26; 17th: Aaron Mooney (Kil­coole) (M35) 23.34; 18th: Ben Mooney Inbhear Dee M50 23.39; 19th: Liam Wil­liams (Ash­ford) (M55) 23.42; 20th: Rob Costello (Grey­stones & District) (M35) 23.48; 21st: Alex Glee­son (Kil­coole) (M40) 24.02; 22nd: Bill Tyrrell (Par­nell) (M60) 24.04; 23rd: Paul Kelly (Inbhear Dee) (M45) 24.23; 24th: Caoimhin MacMao­lain (Grey­stones & District) (M40) 24.26; 25th: Mark Byrne (Kil­coole) (M40) 24.32; 26th: Gary O’Leary (Ash­ford) (M45) 24.43; 27th: Paul Allen (Bray Run­ners) (M35) 24.52; 28th: Dar­ragh Page (Kil­coole) (M40) 24.56; 29th: Deane Turner (Ash­ford) (M40) 24.59; 30th: Will Bros­na­han (Kil­coole) (M35) 25.34; 31th: Billy Porter (Par­nell) (M50) 25.53; 32th: Diar­muid Hughes (Grey­stones & District) (M45) 26.05; 33rd: Paul Dwyer (Bray Run­ners) (M45) 26.12; 34th: Andrew Han­ney (Kil­coole) (M40) 26.16; 35th: Michael Knight (Bray Run­ners) (M60) 26.32; 36th: John Ash­worth (Bray Run­ners) (M50) 27.29; 37th: Hugh Kin­sella (Par­nell) (M55) 27.36; 38th: Joe Boland (Ash­ford) (M60) 28.17; 39th: Bernard Quinn (Bray Run­ners) (M60) 28.29; 40th: Tom Ka­vanagh (Bray Run­ners) (M60) 30.57. Team cham­pi­onship 1st: Kil­coole AC; 2nd: Par­nell AC; 3rd: Bray Run­ners; 4th: Ash­ford. Team Cham­pi­onship 50+ 1st: Par­nell AC; 2nd: Bray Run­ners. M35 1st (4): Colin Wen­dell (Kil­coole) 22.09; 2nd (7): Paul O’Brien (Kil­coole) 22.21; 3rd (9): Andrew Law­less (Kil­coole) 22.26; 4th (16): Kevin Kelle­her (Kil­coole) 23.26; 5th (17): Aaron Mooney (Kil­coole) 23.34; 6th (20): Rob Costello (Grey­stones & District) 23.48; 7th (27): Paul Allen (Bray Run­ners) 24.52; 8th (30): Will Bros­na­han (Kil­coole) 25.34. M40 1st (1): Clive Quinn (Par­nell) 21.23; 2nd (6): Damien Byrne (Kil­coole) 22.19; 3rd (8): Alan Dal­ton (Par­nell) 22.26; 4th (11): Ray Kenny (Par­nell) 22.35; 5th (15): Robert Mur­phy (Par­nell) 23.22; 6th (21): Alex Glee­son (Kil­coole) 24.02; 7th (24): Caoimhin MacMao­lain (Grey­stones & District) 24.26; 8th (25): Mark Byrne (Kil­coole) 24.32; 9th (28): Dar­ragh Page (Kil­coole) 24.56; 10th (29): Deane Turner (Ash­ford) 24.59; 11th (34): Andrew Han­ney (Kil­coole) 26.16. M45 1st (2): Gary Con­don (Bray Run­ners) 21.34; 2nd (3): Brian Gur­rin (Kil­coole) 21.51; 3rd (5): Mick Fin­nan (Par­nell) 22.12; 4th (13): Cor­mac Con­roy (Slí Cualann) 22.51; 5th (14): Ro­nan King (Inbhear Dee) 23.13; 6th (23): Paul Kelly (Inbhear Dee) 24.23; 7th (26): Gary O’Leary (Ash­ford) 24.43; 8th (32): Diar­muid Hughes (Grey­stones & District) 26.05; 9th: (33): Paul Dwyer (Bray Run­ners) 26.12. M50 1st (10): Do­minic Ho­ran (Bray Run­ners) 22.30; 2nd (18): Ben Mooney (Inbhear Dee) 23.39; 3rd (31): Billy Porter (Par­nell) 25.53; 4th (36): John Ash­worth (Bray Run­ners) 27.29. M55 1st (19): Liam Wil­liams (Ash­ford) 23.42; 2nd (37): Hugh Kin­sella (Par­nell) 27.36. M60 1st (22): Bill Tyrrell (Par­nell) 24.04; 2nd (35): Michael Knight (Bray Run­ners) 26.32; 3rd (38): Joe Boland (Ash­ford) 28.17; 4th (39): Bernard Quinn (Bray Run­ners) 28.29; 5th (40): Tom Ka­vanagh (Bray Run­ners) 30.57.

M65 (4km) 1st (1): Wil­liam Bel­ton Par­nell 22.56.

Liam Wil­liams, Joe Boland, Dean Turner, Gary O’Leary and Peter Sav­age from Ash­ford AC.

Liam Wil­liams from Ash­ford AC chased by Kevin Kelle­her and Ben Mooney.

Bray Run­ners, winners of the Ladies Mas­ters at the Wick­low Veteran Cross Coun­try at Shanganagh Park: From left: Ash­ling Smith, Jean O’Kennedy, Mary Hayde, Jenny Lawler and her daugh­ters Clíodhna and Aoife.

Gary Con­don of Bray Run­ners, left, fin­ished se­cond in the men’s race, Par­nell A Quinn came home in first place and Kil­coole AC’s Brian Gur­rin Kil­coole fin­ished i

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