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SHEEP SALE - THURS­DAY SEPTEM­BER 6: Largest sale of the year with 2,600 sheep on of­fer. Trade sim­i­lar to last week with lit­tle change. Im­proved trade for breed­ing ewes.

Butcher and Fac­tory: €93-€108. Store lamb over 35kg: €70-€85. Store lamb Un­der 35kg: €58-€80. Ewe Lamb: €75-€118. Heav­ier Cull Ewes: €80-€112. Lighter Cull Ewes: €40-€80. Hoggett Ewes: €120-€160. Older Breed­ing Ewes: €90-€140.

AUGHRIM SHEEP BREED­ERS - FRI­DAY SEPTEM­BER 7: A to­tal of 2,000 sheep on of­fer. Very good de­mand for ewe lambs with top price of €172 for SFX ewes lambs owner Mr Peter Be­han. Breed­ing ewes met a good de­mand with up to €250 paid for Che­viot hogget ewes owner Mr Tom Dunne and €190 paid for SFX ewe Hoggets owner Mr Charles Fen­ton.

Qual­ity Ewe lambs: €120-€172; Lighter Ewe Lambs: €90-€115; Che­viot Hogget Ewes: €130-€250; SFX Hogget Ewes: €120-€182; Older Breeder Ewes: €80-€150.

CAT­TLE SALE - SATUR­DAY SEPTEM­BER 8: Large sale with 1,200 cat­tle on of­fer. Trade sim­i­lar to last week with strong de­mand for beef and qual­ity cat­tle, dairy bred cat­tle met a tougher de­mand.

Beef & For­ward Bul­locks: €650 – €980 over. Cont Store Bul­locks: €420-€780 over. HD AA Bul­locks: €280-€720 over. Lighter FR Bul­locks: €1-€200 over. Heav­ier FR Bul­locks: €320-€580 over. Beef Heifer: €570-€960 over. Cont Store Heifer: €350-€680 over. HD AA Heifer: €180-€420 over. Beef Cows: €350-€700 over. Store Cows: €100 un­der-€250 over. Cow and Calves: €1,000-€1,750.

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