Dumpers paid over €25,000 in fines and costs last year


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WICK­LOW County Coun­cil is cracking down on il­le­gal dumpers in a bid to clean up the county.

Last year, the waste en­force­ment sec­tion of the coun­cil took a to­tal of 37 cases, with nine of them be­ing set­tled out­side of court. The re­main­ing 28 cases were pur­sued through the courts and re­sulted in con­vic­tions.

In re­spect of the nine cases set­tled out­side the court, the de­fen­dants reached a com­pro­mise with the coun­cil at an early stage of the pro­ceed­ings and of­fered to pay clean-up and ad­min­is­tra­tive costs to avoid the ne­ces­sity of a pro­tracted court hear­ing. These of­fers were ac­cepted by the coun­cil, given the re­sources re­quired in run­ning these pros­e­cu­tions to a con­clu­sion and also be­ing mind­ful of the court’s time.

In all of these cases the coun­cil was sat­is­fied that ad­e­quate resti­tu­tion had been made by the in­di­vid­u­als con­cerned and the pro­ceed­ings were struck out on the ba­sis that the agreed amounts were paid in full to the coun­cil.

Be­tween the 37 cases taken, a to­tal of €25,420 was paid in re­spect of fines and/or costs. In ad­di­tion, over 260 lit­ter fines of €150 each were also is­sued.

This year, Wick­low County Coun­cil is in­creas­ing its ef­forts to suc­cess­fully pros­e­cute peo­ple who lit­ter and il­le­gally dump waste.

There will be ad­di­tional CCTV placed in both ur­ban and ru­ral ar­eas prone to dump­ing and along road­ways to catch of­fend­ers dump­ing from cars. A drone has also been pur­chased and will be used to mon­i­tor waste sites.

Wick­low County Coun­cil has five En­vi­ron­men­tal En­force­ment of­fi­cers as well as sev­eral lit­ter war­dens who pa­trol road­ways, streets and the coun­try­side to en­force both the Lit­ter Pol­lu­tion and the Waste Man­age­ment Acts.

All ev­i­dence is fol­lowed up to the fullest ex­tent to iden­tify and pros­e­cute of­fend­ers.

The largest pun­ish­ment handed down was €2,557.99 and re­lated to il­le­gal dump­ing of waste at Lis­col­man, Tul­low. CCTV ev­i­dence was re­trieved and the case brought to court but there was no ap­pear­ance by the of­fender. A sec­ond case re­lat­ing to dump­ing at Lis­col­man was dealt with on the same day and re­sulted in a penalty of €500.

The sec­ond largest pun­ish­ment handed down in the dump­ing cases pur­sued by the coun­cil was €1,507.99 and came about af­ter nine bags of waste were found dumped at the Florence Road car park in Bray.

Seven cases in to­tal were ini­ti­ated by the coun­cil fol­low­ing dump­ing at Charles­land in Grey­stones. Four cases in­volv­ing ‘ma­jor il­le­gal dump­ing of a large vol­ume of waste’ were dealt with on a sin­gle day in Septem­ber and re­sulted in fines/costs of €450 in three cases and €1,350 in the fourth. Another case was dealt with by the court the fol­low­ing month and re­sulted in the of­fender hav­ing to pay €830. The fi­nal two cases were fi­nalised in Novem­ber and were ‘ma­jor’ il­le­gal dump­ing cases re­lat­ing to ‘120 tonnes of waste il­le­gally dumped at Charles­land’. One case went be­fore the court and re­sulted in a penalty of €666.10 while the sec­ond was set­tled out­side of court with the ac­cused agree­ing to pay €716 to Wick­low County Coun­cil for le­gal and ad­min costs plus €350 to the court poor box.

The coun­cil also pur­sued four cases of dump­ing at Sta­ble Lane in Bray. One case re­lated to the dump­ing of ten bags of waste and was set­tled out­side of court on foot of the pay­ment of €700. Two in­ci­dents of il­le­gal dump­ing of eleven black bags of waste ended up be­fore the court and re­sulted in a penalty of €929. A case in­volv­ing the dump­ing of three large bags of waste was set­tled out­side of court af­ter the ac­cused paid the sum of €300. The fi­nal case of il­le­gal dump­ing at Sta­ble Lane was fi­nalised in court in June and re­sulted in a penalty of €866.

Three cases re­lat­ing to il­le­gal signs were dealt with dur­ing the year af­ter lit­ter fines had been is­sued but not paid. One came be­fore the court and re­sulted in a fine/costs to­talling €800 while the other two cases were set­tled out­side of court for the sums of €500 and €250 re­spec­tively.

There were nu­mer­ous cases of il­le­gal dump­ing at lo­ca­tions through­out the county fi­nalised in 2017.

Il­le­gal dump­ing of house­hold waste at Kil­mur­ray grave­yard in New town mount mount kennedy led to a penalty of €857.99 be­ing im­posed on the of­fender while lit­ter dumped at Lower Main Street in Ark­low saw a fine/ costs of €607.06 im­posed by the courts. Lit­ter dumped at the Peo­ple’s Park in Bray re­sulted in a penalty of €604 while a case in which nine bags of house­hold waste were dumped at Eglin­ton Road in the town led to the courts or­der­ing the of­fender to pay €498.

A penalty of €1,007.99 was im­posed on a de­fen­dant deemed re­spon­si­ble for dump­ing 70 to 80 bags of gen­eral do­mes­tic waste at the Sally Gap.

Two in­ci­dents of il­le­gal dump­ing of 14 large black bags of waste at the Florence Road car park in Bray saw the court hand down a penalty of €494.82; two in­ci­dents of dump­ing waste at Quin­boro Road and Sid­mon­ton Road in Bray led to a penalty of €716; and a case of 12 bags of waste dumped at Eglin­ton Road in Bray was set­tled out of court on foot of the pay­ment of €400.

A skip bag dumped on the road­side at Kil­mullen Lane, Kil­ladreenan, New­town­moun­tkennedy, led to the court ap­ply­ing a penalty of €350 on the guilty party, while a sep­a­rate case of a skip bag full of waste, plus other waste, be­ing dumped at the en­trance to a for­est at Moneystown Hill led to the of­fender be­ing or­dered to pay €604.

A penalty of €604 was also handed down by the court af­ter 70 bags of gen­eral do­mes­tic waste, in­clud­ing fur­ni­ture, were found dumped on O’Byrne Road in Bray.

Leav­ing eight bags of do­mes­tic waste and fire ash at Rich­mond Hill, Bray, led to fines/ costs to­talling €200 for the guilty party while the in­di­vid­ual re­spon­si­ble for dump­ing six bags of do­mes­tic waste be­side a bin on Eglin­ton Road in Bray ended up with a €583 penalty im­posed by the court.

Leav­ing two mat­tresses out­side the re­cy­cling cen­tre in Bray cost the guilty party €605 when the case came be­fore the court in Oc­to­ber. On the same day, a sep­a­rate case in­volv­ing six bags of waste be­ing left at the side of a wall in Kil­coole was also dealt with and saw a penalty of €700 im­posed.

Il­le­gal dump­ing of waste at Aurora, Glen­cree, saw the court hand down a penalty of €349 to the of­fender.

A case of burn­ing of waste in Kil­coole was set­tled out­side of court fol­low­ing the pay­ment of the sum of €400. A sep­a­rate case of the burn­ing of four bags of house­hold waste at Monastery Grove in Enniskerry was pur­sued fol­low­ing the search of the re­mains of a bon­fire and was set­tled out­side of court af­ter €500 was paid.

The coun­cil ini­ti­ated two cases re­lat­ing to the dis­posal of waste by col­lec­tors.

In the first, an in­di­vid­ual was col­lect­ing waste with­out a valid Waste Col­lec­tion Per­mit. The case was set­tled out­side of court once they agreed to pay the sum of €650 and sign an un­der­tak­ing not to col­lect in the county with­out a valid per­mit.

In the sec­ond case, the per­son be­fore the court handed over waste which was sub­se­quently dumped. They were or­dered to pay a to­tal of €516.10, in­clud­ing a €500 pay­ment to the court poor box.

A spokesper­son for the coun­cil re­minded the pub­lic that it is an of­fence to hand over their waste to any­one who doesn’t have a valid Waste Col­lec­tion Per­mit, adding that ‘many of the peo­ple who ad­ver­tise waste col­lec­tion ser­vices on so­cial me­dia, etc, do not have a valid waste col­lec­tion per­mit. Mem­bers of the pub­lic will be pros­e­cuted if their waste is found il­le­gally dumped.’

If in doubt con­tact the Waste Man­age­ment Of­fice on 1850 365 121.

The county coun­cil will be putting ad­di­tional CCTV in place in ar­eas prone to dump­ing this year as it con­tin­ues its crack­down on il­le­gal dump­ing.

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