Politi­cians out­raged over pig’s head at Ra­mat Hasharon shul

The Jerusalem Post - - NEWS - • By HAGAY HACOHEN

Politi­cians and re­li­gious lead­ers strongly con­demned a hate crime in Ra­mat Hasharon, where a pig's head was dis­cov­ered at the gate of a lo­cal Or­tho­dox syn­a­gogue on Fri­day.

In­te­rior Min­is­ter Arye Deri said he was "shocked to the bot­tom of [his] soul" from what he called a "de­spi­ca­ble and rep­re­hen­si­ble hate crime."

He con­tin­ued to ex­plain that if such a thing had hap­pened in any other coun­try in the world, "we would all shout and lament." He called on the po­lice to ar­rest those re­spon­si­ble.

Bait Ye­hudi MK Moti Yo­gev said that con­cerns in the sec­u­lar com­mu­nity about pro­mot­ing re­li­gious con­tent in the ed­u­ca­tional sys­tem [Ha­data] "turned into an in­cite­ment cam­paign."

Yo­gev said that his fa­ther, who came to Is­rael be­fore the Holo­caust, "would not have be­lieved he would see such an an­ti­semitic sight in the State of Is­rael." Yo­gev warned that lead­ers in the sec­u­lar Zion­ist camp must "ex­am­ine them­selves to see if they did not go too far in their ef­forts to up­root the To­rah of Is­rael from the hearts of their chil­dren."

Dr. Yizhar Hess, leader of Is­rael's Con­ser­va­tive Move­ment, called who­ever placed the pig's head on the gate of the syn­a­gogue "a vil­lain."

He stated that in Jewish his­tory, Jews were of­ten hu­mil­i­ated by be­ing forced to touch pigs or eat them. Hess said that "this morn­ing, a red­line was crossed" and ex­pressed dis­be­lief that "Jews are do­ing such a thing to their own broth­ers."

He also said that while there is a le­git­i­mate struggle on mat­ters con­cern­ing re­li­gion and state, "such as the fight against Ha­data, "Such a vil­lain­ous act has no con­nec­tion to such a fight."

Bait Ye­hudi MK and Deputy De­fense Min­is­ter Eli Ben Da­han said on Twit­ter that: "80 years af­ter Kristall­nacht, an­tisemitism is mak­ing a mark in Is­rael, too."

"The on­go­ing in­cite­ment against Or­tho­dox Jews in Ra­mat Hasharon es­ca­lated to­day," he said, "in the shape of a pig's head placed in front of a syn­a­gogue. It must be stopped now."

(Po­lice Spokesper­son’s Unit)

THE PIG’S head at the en­trance to a syn­a­gogue in Ra­mat Hasharon.

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