Il sen­so del pa­no­ra­ma

The Mea­ning of the Pa­no­ra­ma

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Sin­ce the sum­mer of 2013 the MUCEM, de­si­gned by Ru­dy Ric­ciot­ti, has stood on the wa­ter­front of Mar­seil­le. If we un­pick the acro­nym – Mu­seum of Eu­ro­pean and Me­di­ter­ra­nean Ci­vi­li­sa­tion – the com­ple­xi­ty of the chal­len­ge this in­sti­tu­tion has ta­ken on be­co­mes clear. It is sta­ging an ex­hi­bi­tion that per­fec­tly em­bo­dies the mu­seum’s vi­sion. Open un­til Fe­brua­ry 29, it is en­ti­tled I Lo­ve Pa­no­ra­mas (abo­ve, right, the po­ster) and re­flec­ts on the so­cio­cul­tu­ral di­men­sion of the land­sca­pe. Whe­ther na­tu­ral or con­struc­ted, the pa­no­ra­ma has been ma­de the fo­cus of re­sear­ch that ana­ly­ses its nar­ra­ti­ve po­wer, its abi­li­ty to en­cap­su­la­te the di­stinc­ti­ve ele­men­ts of a com­mu­ni­ty and its con­text and its tran­sfor­ma­tions and pro­spec­ts. The de­si­gn of the ex­hi­bi­tion, co-pro­du­ced wi­th the Mu­sées d’Art et d’Hi­stoi­re in Ge­ne­va, is by the Adrien Ro­ve­ro stu­dio. The cu­ra­tors Lau­ren­ce Ma­de­lin and Jean-Ro­ch Bouil­ler ha­ve in­vol­ved, among others, Pe­ter Gree­n­way, Ola­fur Elias­son, Eli­na Bro­the­rus (left, Der Wan­de­rer 2), Jeff Wall and Da­vid Hoc­k­ney.

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