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I clien­ti di bu­si­ness e fir­st class dei vo­li in­ter­na­zio­na­li han­no tre prin­ci­pa­li ne­ces­si­tà: il com­fort, il ri­po­so, lo spa­zio. Tra­mon­ta­ti i tem­pi dei sa­lot­ti e del­le sui­te a bor­do, og­gi so­no gli in­ter­ni il ter­ri­to­rio com­pe­ti­ti­vo per con­so­li­da­re i rap­por­ti con un pub­bli­co esi­gen­te che per la­vo­ro viag­gia e per di­ver­tir­si non si muo­ve. Di nuo­va ge­ne­ra­zio­ne, con at­ten­zio­ne ai ma­te­ria­li e al­la de­fi­ni­zio­ne di uno spa­zio per­so­na­liz­za­bi­le e pron­to ad ac­co­glie­re de­vi­ce co­me a esclu­de­re ogni in­te­ra­zio­ne fi­si­ca e di­gi­ta­le, so­no i pro­get­ti che Swiss Air (a si­ni­stra) e KLM (in bas­so) han­no com­mis­sio­na­to a due no­ti stu­di di pro­get­ta­zio­ne. Gli sviz­ze­ri si so­no af­fi­da­ti ai lon­di­ne­si Priest­ma­nGoo­de, ve­te­ra­ni del ge­ne­re, che han­no scel­to le­gno e cro­mie neu­tre. Gli olan­de­si in­ve­ce con­ti­nua­no ad af­fi­dar­si a Hel­la Jon­ge­rius che ha pun­ta­to sul co­lo­re e su for­me or­ga­ni­che per of­fri­re uno spa­zio vi­ta­le e gio­co­so. (MS)

Bu­si­ness and fir­st-class pas­sen­gers on in­ter­na­tio­nal flights ha­ve th­ree main needs: com­fort, re­st and spa­ce. Now that the ti­me of on-board loun­ges and sui­tes is over, in­te­riors ha­ve be­co­me the area in whi­ch air­li­nes com­pe­te to build re­la­tions wi­th a de­man­ding pu­blic that tra­vels for work and not for plea­su­re. The de­si­gns that Swiss Air (abo­ve) and KLM (left) ha­ve com­mis­sio­ned from two well-kno­wn stu­dios are exam­ples of this new ge­ne­ra­tion, in whi­ch at­ten­tion is fo­cu­sed on the ma­te­rials and on the de­fi­ni­tion of a cu­sto­mi­za­ble spa­ce that can ac­com­mo­da­te any de­vi­ce as well as ex­clu­de any un­wan­ted phy­si­cal and di­gi­tal in­te­rac­tion. The Swiss ha­ve tur­ned to the Lon­don-ba­sed Priest­ma­nGoo­de, ve­te­rans of the gen­re, who ha­ve cho­sen wood and neu­tral to­nes. The Dut­ch in­stead con­ti­nue to re­ly on Hel­la Jon­ge­rius, who has bet on co­lour and or­ga­nic forms to crea­te a li­ve­ly and play­ful spa­ce

Swiss Air e KLM han­no scel­to Priest­ma­nGoo­de e Hel­la Jon­ge­rius per di­se­gna­re in­ter­ni ir­re­si­sti­bi­li

Swiss Air and KLM ha­ve cho­sen Priest­ma­nGoo­de and Hel­la Jon­ge­rius to de­si­gn ir­re­si­sti­ble in­te­riors

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