Gio­va­ni ta­len­ti in fie­ra /

Young Ta­len­ts at the Fair

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The 2016 of de­si­gn is al­so star­ting out from young ta­len­ts: the fir­st fairs of the year – IMM in Co­lo­gne (18-24 Ja­nua­ry) and Mai­son & Ob­jet in Pa­ris (22-26 Ja­nua­ry) – con­firm the at­ten­tion being paid to the new ge­ne­ra­tion. In Ger­ma­ny the Pu­re Ta­lent Con­te­st: Young De­si­gn 2016 con­ti­nues to at­tract stu­den­ts and gra­dua­tes, 19 of whom will ta­ke part in the ex­hi­bi­tion. The con­tests ha­ve been asked to re­spond to que­stions li­ke “Can the chair be rein­ven­ted”, “What can one pro­du­ce from a cir­cle and a squa­re?” and “How slen­der is light?”. Mai­son & Ob­jet, who­se the­me this year is Wild, is pre­sen­ting in­stead a cross-sec­tion of young Scan­di­na­vian de­si­gners wi­th Ta­len­ts à la Car­te, ho­sting in a de­di­ca­ted spa­ce (hall 7) the Da­nes Jo­nas Ed­vard and Troels Flen­sted, the Finn Ka­trii­na Nuu­ti­nen (pic­tu­red, Lyy­li box se­ries, 2015, the Ice­lan­der Sru­li Re­cht, the Nor­we­gian Kneip stu­dio and the Swe­des Färg & Blan­che.

Gre­go­ry L. Black­stock, The Hu­ts, 2013 (Col­lec­tion de l’Art Brut, Lau­san­ne, pho­to Char­lot­te Ae­bi­scher, Adn-VdL).

An­che il 2016 del de­si­gn ri­par­te dai gio­va­ni ta­len­ti: i pri­mi ap­pun­ta­men­ti fie­ri­sti­ci dell’an­no – Imm a Co­lo­nia (18-24 gen­na­io) e Mai­son & Ob­jet a Pa­ri­gi (22-26 gen­na­io) – con­fer­ma­no l’at­ten­zio­ne al­le nuo­ve le­ve. In Ger­ma­nia il Pu­re Ta­lent Con­te­st: Young De­si­gn 2016 con­ti­nua a cre­sce­re nel­la par­te­ci­pa­zio­ne di stu­den­ti e lau­rea­ti, tra i qua­li 19 par­te­ci­pe­ran­no all’espo­si­zio­ne. I con­cor­ren­ti so­no sta­ti chia­ma­ti a ri­spon­de­re a do­man­de qua­li “Si può rein­ven­ta­re la se­dia?”, “Co­sa si può pro­dur­re par­ten­do da un cer­chio e da un qua­dra­to?”, “Quan­to è sot­ti­le la lu­ce?”. Mai­son & Ob­jet, il cui te­ma que­st’an­no è Wild, con Ta­len­ts à la Car­te of­fre in­ve­ce uno spac­ca­to del gio­va­ne de­si­gn scan­di­na­vo, ospi­tan­do in uno spa­zio de­di­ca­to (hall 7) i da­ne­si Jo­nas Ed­vard, Troels Flen­sted, la fin­lan­de­se Ka­trii­na Nuu­ti­nen (nel­la fo­to, Lyy­li box se­ries, 2015), l’islan­de­se Sru­li Re­cht, i nor­ve­ge­si Kneip e gli sve­de­si Färg & Blan­che. (CM)

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