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A bot­tle of wa­ter could save the world. At a ti­me when eve­ryo­ne is tal­king about glo­bal war­ming, stag­ge­ring le­vels of pol­lu­tion and enor­mous floa­ting islands of pla­stic in the midd­le of the oceans, re­thin­king the pac­ka­ging of a con­su­mer pro­duct li­ke drin­king wa­ter is not so­me­thing of mar­gi­nal im­por­tan­ce. Oo­ho is a ge­la­ti­nous sphe­ri­cal con­tai­ner ma­de from bro­wn sea­weed using a tech­ni­que kno­wn as “sphe­ri­fi­ca­tion”. Af­ter win­ning a se­ries of awards, the group of Spa­ni­sh de­si­gners that ca­me up wi­th the idea – Ro­dri­go Gar­cía Gon­zá­lez, Guil­lau­me Cou­che and Pier­re Pa­slier – set up a com­pa­ny-la­bo­ra­to­ry in whi­ch to work wi­th che­mists and phar­ma­cists on de­ve­lo­ping a per­fect formula that would pre­vent the sub­stan­ces of the mem­bra­ne from en­te­ring the wa­ter in­si­de it. The formula for the bub­ble of wa­ter was then shared wi­th an on­li­ne tu­tor (https://vi­meo. com/106488023) so that anyo­ne who wi­shed could ex­pe­ri­ment wi­th it at home. The ope­ra­tion has been a great suc­cess: so far the vi­deo has been viewed mo­re than 6 mil­lion ti­mes.

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