Sa­ra Schi­fa­no

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Si è lau­rea­ta in Ar­chi­tet­tu­ra al Po­li­tec­ni­co di Mi­la­no ma la sua pri­ma espe­rien­za edi­to­ria­le pres­so Bal­di­ni Ca­stol­di Da­lai ha se­gna­to l’ini­zio del­la sua car­rie­ra gior­na­li­sti­ca. Ol­tre a col­la­bo­ra­re con ri­vi­ste qua­li Mo­no­cle24, Bloui­nAr­tin­, Gra­zia, Vo­gue Li­ving Au­stra­lia, og­gi è an­che crea­ti­ve pro­du­cer per mar­chi di lus­so e mo­da. She gra­dua­ted in ar­chi­tec­tu­re from Milan Po­ly­tech­nic, but her fir­st work ex­pe­rien­ce at the pu­bli­shers Bal­di­ni Ca­stol­di Da­lai mar­ked the be­gin­ning of a ca­reer in jour­na­li­sm. As well as con­tri­bu­ting to ma­ga­zi­nes li­ke Mo­no­cle24, Bloui­nAr­tin­, Gra­zia and the Au­stra­lian edi­tion of Vo­gue Li­ving, she works to­day as a crea­ti­ve pro­du­cer for lu­xu­ry and fa­shion brands.

I mo­nu­men­ti del­le Espo­si­zio­ni In­ter­na­zio­na­li ven­go­no co­strui­ti per ce­le­bra­re in­no­va­zio­ne e fu­tu­ro su sca­la glo­ba­le, ma re­si­ste­re al­la pro­va del tem­po non è af­fat­to scon­ta­to. Le cit­tà di mez­zo mon­do so­no po­po­la­te da que­sti "alie­ni" che si so­no gua­da­gna­ti un po­sto,

più o me­no pri­vi­le­gia­to, nell’iden­ti­tà dei luo­ghi che li ospi­ta­no

The mo­nu­men­ts from In­ter­na­tio­nal Ex­po­si­tions are con­struc­ted to ce­le­bra­te in­no­va­tion and the fu­tu­re on a glo­bal sca­le, but the­re is no gua­ran­tee they will stand the te­st of ti­me. Ci­ties all over the world are peo­pled by the­se “struc­tu­ral aliens”, whi­ch ha­ve ear­ned them­sel­ves a mo­re or less pri­vi­le­ged pla­ce in the iden­ti­ty of the pla­ces that ho­st them


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