Ae­sop se­con­do Di­mo­re Stu­dio

Ae­sop Ac­cor­ding to Di­mo­re Stu­dio

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The Au­stra­lian co­sme­tics brand Ae­sop has an un­mi­sta­ka­ble vi­sual iden­ti­ty, wi­th la­bel­ling and let­te­ring on its pac­ka­ging that has an al­mo­st me­di­cal qua­li­ty. The ou­tle­ts are crea­ted by ac­clai­med de­si­gners, who al­ways show off the brand wi­th a ca­re­ful, hi­ghly di­stinc­ti­ve in­ter­pre­ta­tion of the brand’s pro­duc­ts. In Ita­ly, af­ter Vin­cen­zo de Co­tiis it is now the turn of Di­mo­re Stu­dio. The 35 squa­re me­tres of the sto­re at Via Me­ra­vi­gli in Mi­lan is a tri­bu­te to uti­li­ty rooms in 1930s vil­las. Roun­ded di­splay win­do­ws crea­te a vi­sual­ly stri­king pre­sen­ta­tion for the beauty pro­duc­ts sto­red be­hind them, whi­le two lar­ge lamps crea­te at­mo­sphe­ric lighting.

Mi­chael Young, Mo­ke (2013).

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