De­si­gn Days Du­bai

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Top, The tran­sfor­ma­tion of Du­bai is near­ly al­ways seen in terms of ar­chi­tec­tu­ral de­ve­lo­p­men­ts the­re. Re­cen­tly, thou­gh, the creative world of de­si­gn has be­gun to ge­ne­ra­te the fir­st cul­tu­ral cros­so­vers. The fif­th edi­tion of De­si­gn Days Du­bai, an event de­vo­ted to hi­ghly col­lec­ti­ble de­si­gn pie­ces (one-off items and li­mi­ted edi­tions), whi­ch runs from 14 to 18 Mar­ch, is being or­ga­ni­sed by Cy­ril Zam­mit, ani­ma­tor of Du­bai De­si­gn Week. The fair in­clu­des ma­ny in­ter­na­tio­nal gal­le­ries, and sees the in­ter­na­tio­nal de­but of Ita­ly’s Camp De­si­gn Gal­le­ry. Bea­tri­ce Bian­co and Va­len­ti­na Lu­cio’s con­cern will present works by Ana­lo­gia Project, Pao­lo Spal­lu­to, Ve­ro­ni­ca To­di­sco and Gia­co­mo Moor.

So­pra / Ska­te­park rue Léon Cla­del, Pa­ris, Agen­ce Con­struc­to Ra­phaël Zar­ka (2012). In al­to / ska­ting in New York. Le tra­sfor­ma­zio­ni di Du­bai si so­no let­te qua­si sem­pre at­tra­ver­so l’ar­chi­tet­tu­ra. Re­cen­te­men­te pe­rò an­che l’in­du­stria crea­ti­va del de­si­gn ha ini­zia­to a ge­ne­ra­re scam­bi com­mer­cia­li e ti­mi­di cor­to­cir­cui­ti cul­tu­ra­li. La quin­ta edi­zio­ne di De­si­gn Days Du­bai, even­to de­di­ca­to al de­si­gn da col­le­zio­ne, pez­zi uni­ci e se­rie li­mi­ta­te, in pro­gram­ma dal 14 al 18 mar­zo, è di­ret­ta da Cy­ril Zam­mit, ani­ma­to­re del­la Du­bai De­si­gn Week. La fie­ra ac­co­glie mol­te gal­le­rie in­ter­na­zio­na­li, tra cui la pro­mes­sa ita­lia­na Camp De­si­gn Gal­le­ry. Que­sto spa­zio cu­ra­to da Bea­tri­ce Bian­co e Va­len­ti­na Lu­cio pre­sen­te­rà i la­vo­ri di Ana­lo­gia Project, Pao­lo Spal­lu­to, Ve­ro­ni­ca To­di­sco e Gia­co­mo Moor. (MS)

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