Gian­pie­ro Ven­tu­ri­ni

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Lau­rea in ar­chi­tet­tu­ra a Mi­la­no nel 2006, ha col­la­bo­ra­to con di­ver­si stu­di in­ter­na­zio­na­li. Nel 2012 ha fon­da­to Iti­ne­rant Of­fi­ce. È il cu­ra­to­re del Fe­sti­val New Ge­ne­ra­tions, ras­se­gna in­ter­na­zio­na­le di ar­chi­tet­tu­ra, e di Ou­rCi­ties, piat­ta­for­ma di con­di­vi­sio­ne e ri­cer­ca le­ga­ta ai te­mi del­la cit­tà con­tem­po­ra­nea. He gra­dua­ted in ar­chi­tec­tu­re at Mi­lan Po­ly­tech­nic and has wor­ked for va­rious in­ter­na­tio­nal stu­dios. In 2012 he foun­ded Iti­ne­rant Of­fi­ce. He is the cu­ra­tor of the New Ge­ne­ra­tions Fe­sti­val, an in­ter­na­tio­nal ar­chi­tec­tu­re show, and Ou­rCi­ties, a shared re­sear­ch plat­form lin­ked to con­tem­po­ra­ry ci­ty the­mes.

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