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Blac­ker than this you can’t get: Van­ta­black (Ver­ti­cal­ly ali­gned na­no­tu­be ar­ray black) is the blac­ke­st black on the mar­ket to­day. Or ra­ther it isn’t, be­cau­se the right to its use has been sold to a sin­gle ar­ti­st, Ani­sh Ka­poor. The news has cau­sed con­si­de­ra­ble con­tro­ver­sy as it is one of the ve­ry few ti­mes that a sin­gle per­son in the field of art has ac­qui­red the mo­no­po­ly over a par­ti­cu­lar co­lour or ma­te­rial. Van­ta­black was de­ve­lo­ped by the Bri­ti­sh firm Sur­rey Na­noSy­stems, who put to­ge­ther na­no­tu­bes of car­bon that trap light wa­ves, boun­cing them back and for­th un­til 99,965 per cent of them are ab­sor­bed. A black so deep that it ma­kes you lo­se the sen­se of the th­ree-di­men­sio­na­li­ty of spa­ce, exac­tly the kind of di­so­rien­ta­tion you ex­pe­rien­ce when loo­king at so­me of Ka­poor’s works. Now even mo­re so.

Van­ta­black (AP) for De­si­gn (MS)

Più ne­ro di co­sì non si può: il Van­ta­black (Ver­ti­cal­ly ali­gned na­no­tu­be ar­ray black) è a og­gi il ne­ro più ne­ro sul mer­ca­to. An­zi no, per­ché i di­rit­ti di uti­liz­zo so­no sta­ti ce­du­ti a un so­lo ar­ti­sta, Ani­sh Ka­poor. La no­ti­zia ha de­sta­to più di una...

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