Im­pian­to eo­li­co do­me­sti­co

A Wind Tur­bi­ne for the Ho­me

Abitare - - BOO­STER -

A low-co­st mi­cro wind tur­bi­ne wi­th an out­put of 500 W could be­co­me a hou­se­hold ap­plian­ce of the fu­tu­re, along­si­de the wa­shing ma­chi­ne and oven. Ea­sy Air 500 is the brain­child of Gian­lui­gi Per­rot­to from Sa­len­to who, at the age of ju­st over twen­ty, has tur­ned his idea in­to a bu­si­ness ven­tu­re thanks to an Ame­ri­can in­vest­ment fund that has put 5.5 mil­lion eu­ros in­to his Air Group Ita­ly. The de­vi­ce will be able to ex­ploit wind ener­gy on a small sca­le, even un­der con­di­tions of light and di­scon­ti­nuous bree­zes: whi­le the bla­des of tra­di­tio­nal tur­bi­nes wi­th an out­put of 3, 5 or 10 kW are able to pro­du­ce po­wer on­ly when the wind is strong enou­gh to over­co­me their mo­ment of iner­tia, this tur­bi­ne can do so in ve­ry light winds (at speeds of less than two me­tres a se­cond).

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