Ani­ma­zio­ne in sho­w­room

En­ter­tain­ment in the Sho­w­room

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The fir­st ap­point­ment is wi­th the Ame­ri­can mu­si­cian and song­w­ri­ter Joan as Po­li­ce Wo­man: a se­ries of mee­tings to ce­le­bra­te Ri­ma­de­sio’s 60th an­ni­ver­sa­ry ge­ts un­der way on 18 May. The­re are th­ree mo­re da­tes on the pro­gram­me: on 30 Ju­ne wi­th Mat­teo Nuc­ci, an ex­pert on the an­cient world, on 8 Sep­tem­ber wi­th the ex­tre­me sai­lor Gio­van­ni Sol­di­ni and on 13 Oc­to­ber wi­th the astro­naut Mau­ri­zio Che­li. “Ce­le­bra­ting an an­ni­ver­sa­ry,” say Da­vi­de and Lui­gi Mal­ber­ti, pro­prie­tors of the com­pa­ny, “does not ju­st mean loo­king at the pa­st, at your hi­sto­ry, but al­so ta­king a mo­ment to look in­si­de, to re­flect on our­sel­ves, on the va­lues that ma­ke us uni­que.” The su­b­jec­ts un­der di­scus­sion: crea­ti­vi­ty, in­no­va­tion, re­spect for the en­vi­ron­ment, the he­ri­ta­ge and the ta­ste for chal­len­ge. The mee­tings will be held in the sho­w­room at Via Vi­scon­ti di Mo­dro­ne 26 in Mi­lan.

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