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Un viag­gio per co­no­sce­re, un al­tro viag­gio per ren­de­re la te­sti­mo­nian­za di un mon­do che ri­schia di an­da­re per­du­to. Ali­ce Pi­cioc­chi e An­drea An­ge­li si so­no spin­ti dall’al­tra par­te del mon­do, nell’Ocea­no Pa­ci­fi­co cen­tra­le, mos­si dal­la vo­glia di rac­con­ta­re uno Sta­to in via d’estin­zio­ne, Ki­ri­ba­ti. Un’iso­la e 32 atol­li che po­treb­be­ro in­fat­ti scom­pa­ri­re dal­la fac­cia del­la Ter­ra a cau­sa del cam­bia­men­to cli­ma­ti­co. Quan­do non si sa, ma l’ipo­te­si è tan­to cre­di­bi­le da aver con­vin­to il pre­si­den­te del Pae­se a pro­get­ta­re una mi­gra­zio­ne di mas­sa. De­sti­na­zio­ne: iso­le Fi­ji. A tan­to prag­ma­ti­smo non cor­ri­spon­de pe­rò la con­sa­pe­vo­lez­za del­la po­po­la­zio­ne, che con­ti­nua la pro­pria vi­ta sen­za pre­oc­cu­par­si del fu­tu­ro. Il se­con­do viag­gio de­gli au­to­ri co­min­cia qui, nel cer­ca­re di en­tra­re in sin­to­nia con un’al­tra ci­vil­tà, sco­pren­do­ne tut­ti i sor­pren­den­ti aspet­ti (dai ri­ti ma­gi­ci ai va­lo­ri) e com­po­nen­do una sto­ria a due ve­lo­ci­tà: vi­si­va (le ta­vo­le di An­ge­li so­no pic­co­li ca­po­la­vo­ri) e nar­ra­ti­va. Il dia­rio di Ali­ce Pi­cioc­chi va ol­tre la cro­na­ca, di­mo­stran­do un’em­pa­tia che par­la una lin­gua uni­ver­sa­le. (CM) A jour­ney of di­sco­ve­ry, then ano­ther jour­ney to bear wit­ness to a world that runs the ri­sk of va­ni­shing. Ali­ce Pi­cioc­chi and An­drea An­ge­li ha­ve tra­vel­led to the other si­de of the world, to the midd­le of the Pa­ci­fic Ocean, dri­ven by the de­si­re to tell the sto­ry of an en­dan­ge­red sta­te, Ki­ri­ba­ti. One island and 32 atolls that could in fact di­sap­pear from the fa­ce of the ear­th as a re­sult of cli­ma­te chan­ge. No one kno­ws when, but the hy­po­the­sis is cre­di­ble enou­gh to ha­ve per­sua­ded the coun­try’s pre­si­dent to plan for mass mi­gra­tion. De­sti­na­tion: the islands of Fi­ji. Su­ch prag­ma­ti­sm is not mat­ched, ho­we­ver, by an aware­ness of the th­reat on the part of the po­pu­la­tion, whi­ch car­ries on wi­th its li­fe wi­thout wor­ry­ing about the fu­tu­re. This is whe­re the au­thors’ se­cond jour­ney be­gins, as they try to get in tu­ne wi­th ano­ther ci­vi­li­za­tion, ex­plo­ring all its sur­pri­sing aspec­ts (from ma­gic ri­tuals to va­lues) and com­po­sing a twin-track sto­ry: in ima­ges (An­ge­li’s il­lu­stra­tions are lit­tle ma­ster­pie­ces) and in words. Ali­ce Pi­cioc­chi’s dia­ry goes beyond re­por­ting, di­splay­ing an em­pa­thy that speaks a uni­ver­sal lan­gua­ge

The Ta­le of To­mor­row Uto­pian Ar­chi­tec­tu­re in the Mo­der­ni­st Realm

Ali­ce Pi­cioc­chi e An­drea An­ge­li (eds) 24 ORE Cul­tu­ra, 2016 pp. 144, ill. 80, € 16,90

Ro­bert Klan­ten So­fia Bor­ges (eds) Ge­stal­ten, 2016 pp. 400, € 49,50

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